Ted Hope/Christine Vachon Twitter Q&A Tonight 8pm EST

While I’m still super bummed to have missed the dynamic duo of indie super-producers Ted Hope and Christine Vachon speaking on a panel at our alma mater Ithaca College back in early December, I was extremely ecstatic when I stumbled upon the following tweet from @TedHope himself:

If you haven’t heard of Hope or Vachon, here are some Team “Killer/Hope” 101 links that will get you in the know:

Ted Hope’s IMDB.com page: latest producing credit : Martha Marcy May Marlene (executive producer)

Christina Vachon’s IMDB.com page:  latest producing credit: Mildred Pierce TV mini-series (EP and producer)

Twitter Handles: @TedHope and @kvpi

I began to follow Ted Hope on Twitter because I thought he was the creator of the TED talks everyone’s always raving about. He is not. However, he may be something even better. I could only describe him as having such wonderful optimistic yet spot-on critical eye for indie film that his tweets just brighten my day. Almost like a cinematic Mister Rogers! But seriously, after reading the twitterfeed full of wisdom from their “IFP and indieWIRE present: KILLER/HOPE — A Masterclass with Ted Hope and Christine Vachon” (also referred to as #khnyc) panel in November, there’s no way I couldn’t share this awesome event with readers here too!

As stated above, the “Killer/Hope Team” Hope and Vachon are hosting a Tweet Up Q&A via Twitter tonight at 8pm eastern standard time. If you’re a Twitter account holder and have remotely ANY interest in film, cancel all of your plans from 8-9pm EST.

Word on the street is that the hashtag to follow will be #K/H or #KillerHope. Also, per Hope’s latest tweet, it looks like they would prefer if our questions could be answered in 140 characters. Even if you don’t have any burning questions, it’s great just to follow the conversation and take notes from two of the smartest folks in the room.

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One thought on “Ted Hope/Christine Vachon Twitter Q&A Tonight 8pm EST

  1. Fantastic, It’s posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this weblog regularly, thanks for the info!


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