Meryl Streep Reigns Supreme…At the Golden Globes

Watching the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards I didn’t expect to be surprised more by Meryl Streep than I thought by Ricky Gervais, but by as God as my witness: It happened.

Meryl accepted her award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture for her role as Margaret Thatcher in the film The Iron Lady last night and not only did she say as the last words in her acceptance speech “I love you Viola [Davis]. You’re my girl,” but she also mentioned the independent film Pariah which if you have not seen or heard of accounts the life of a black lesbian. Meryl Streep also named a couple other independent films for those of you who had lost hope that Hollywood never pays attention to us Indies out there. #indiesunchained.

Okay, where do I begin…hmmmm let’s see…God bless you Meryl Streep for realizing where to give credit where credit is due. Not many people in the general public knew who Viola Davis was (or if they did know didn’t really care) before The Help and I’m sure Meryl Streep only had a slight inkling due to Viola Davis’s role in the film Doubt for which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars in 2009. But how much time did Meryl really get to know Viola? Now Meryl Streep is calling Viola Davis out for being her girl? There’s more to the story.

Oh and by the way to everyone who says that “there’s always a white savoir (Meryl Streep) in a film who saves black characters (Viola Davis/countless others) this awards show portrays the EXACT reason why that is: BECAUSE WHITE MALES DOMINATE THE INDUSTRY! How could any minority group move forward if at least one person in the dominate group of their industry/civilization doesn’t take time to recognize them, believe in their cause and help them achieve greater status. And as I type this I realize how sad, but true it is. Even the amazing Martin Luther King, Jr. had help from JFK.

In my opinion, Meryl did a great thing by giving the shout-outs that she did and that’s all anyone could ask for. Because yes she is white, but she’s also a WOMAN in Hollywood and let’s not even get started on the the way women are treated mistreated in the entertainment industry. Minorities can spot their own kind sometimes even if they don’t appear to be alike in any way. Same animal, different spots. #truth

Coincidentally though, as a black man, I am actually sort of okay with the way that black Americans in the U.S. have been recognized in the last few years (we have a looooooong way to go I know). Rap has taken over white America and is therefore now acceptable worldwide (It’s true and you know it), we have our first black president, we have pop megastars like Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, Chris Brown and Rihanna, and best of all for us film fanatics, Sydney Poitier just handed the Cecile B. DeMille award to Morgan Freeman which is definitely one of the most touching moments that will ever happen in my lifetime. So yay Blacks! Excuse the political incorrectness.

And since I realize how black-centric I have been throughout this post and how black-centric us Americans can get, I had to stop and question where all the other ethnicities were at the Golden Globes?!?! I tip my hat to the Hollywood Foreign Press for Freida Pinto, from the film Slumdog Millionaire, presenting an award tonight plus the beautiful Latins Selma Hayek and Antonio Banderas, but where is everyone else? I thought to myself where are the Asians? The Chinese, the Japanese, the Vietnamese, the Filipinos, the Koreans plus any black African who wasn’t raised in England besides Djimon Hansou? How about people from the country of India (sans Freida Pinto) which makes up roughly a billion citizens on earth? Where’s India you ask? It’s right below China…which has another billion citizens :-). That’s when I realize I needed to talk about what’s really going on…

America is kind of the only place you can be if you want to have worldwide Icon status in most sectors of the entertainment industry which everyone knows, but there’s a problem with that: the entertainment industry here is not fulfilling its’ responsibility of representing global talent the way it should. If you don’t already live here or make the trek here, you basically have to be one of the most beautiful people in your country or one of your country’s biggest/most established talents and even then it’s not a guarantee you’ll achieve great success here. Hollywood needs to absorb more foreign talent plain and simple. Actually let me rephrase that: Hollywood needs to absorb more foreign talent that isn’t white and from Europe, Australia or South Africa. *KABOOM. Your mind is blow. But not really because you know this*

Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee? All are famous Asians mainly known for martial arts and not for much else. Djimon Hansou, as I previously noted in this blog, is the only major black African (that doesn’t have a British accent) celebrity who I can think of EVER other than supermodel Iman. Idris Elba just won a Golden Globe for his role in the television series Luther, but he’s black and British. Everyone loves black people and British people so when you put those two categories together it becomes the best combination of an Award winner you could ask for…just kidding. Am I though?

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5 thoughts on “Meryl Streep Reigns Supreme…At the Golden Globes

  1. Erica says:

    I’m not sure why Meryl Streep calling Viola Davis “her girl” is supposed to be a good thing. I found it kinda condescending. For the record Viola Davis is a well known and respected actress within the Hollywood community. She was even nominated for an Oscar no too long ago. So although she is not as famous with the public, she doesn’t need Meryl’s help as much as the author seems to think. Personally, I hate it when white people call black women girl or girlfriend.

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  5. […] won) to two Indie Spirit nominations and winning the prestigious John Cassavetes Award to the infamous shout-out from Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes to teaming up with Oscar-nominee Viola Davis for a new HBO […]


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