Unchained Field Trips: Volunteer at Sundance 2012


Disclaimer: I’m blogging from an iPod Touch, running on little sleep and not exactly sure that this will post correctly because of these factors.

Hello! As promised to my fellow co-authors, I will be trying to chronicle my two weeks volunteering at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah from today until Jan. 29th. This is absolutely the opportunity of a lifetime for me and I’m just taking it all in one moment at a time.

I’ve only been here two days and I’ve gotten loads of swag, eaten my weight in free food, partied w/ the other 1499 volunteer under a snowy night sky, made schedule of films that I HAVE to see and met two filmmakers in the hallway of festival headquarters. Loving this! I’m seeing my first film tonight called “Beasts of The Southern Wild” at the volunteer screening. It’s one on my “Blackdance” list and I’ll post back about how it goes.

The other thing I just have to share: if you ever have 2 weeks free in mid-Jan, sign up to volunteer. My decision was made on a whim and I do not regret it one bit! It is true that first-timers have to pay for their own housing, which can get pricey as this is a ski resort town and a well- known event.

TIP: I’m staying at a resort close to everything for $45 a night called Chateau Après. Downside: 24 bunkbed dorms; Perks: Nightly apple cider, complimentary breakfast AND close to everything/cheapest in the city.

It’s also very competitive with only 1500 positions open and priority goes to alumni volunteers (they do get housing provided though), so apply EARLY. I applied in September and checked off that I would work in any department. I had three phone interviews and was confirmed to work in the development office (yay for being indoors!) after Thanksgiving. You have to pay for your own travel (book EARLY) and food ( scope out free food everywhere).

Today the festival is kicking off and Park City is buzzing with film lovers. Couldn’t ask for a better place to be #unchained.

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