Webseries Withdrawal? Check out “THE COUPLE”

I am going through webseries withdrawal. It’s been weeks since the AWKWARD BLACK GIRL season 1 finale and I’m now looking for another fix. It looks like today could be the day. Premiering this Valentine’s Day is the new webseries THE COUPLE. The project is helmed by Dennis Dortch, director of the film A GREAT DAY TO BE BLACK AND SEXY and creator of Black and Sexy TV. With the memorable tagline “There’s dating…and then there’s living together…”, the new premiere “Exes and Texts” is available starting TODAY via Black and Sexy TV’s Youtube channel. Currently, they have over 1,000 Facebook fans and 539 people “talking about this”, just from teasers alone.

Check out the hilarious minisodes below:

AND the premiere episode:

A few things I noticed THE COUPLE does very well:

Timing is everything: The show premieres on Valentine’s Day (today), which I think is a great strategy. Feb. 14th has long been established as the official day of romance and what better time to give audiences everywhere two people dealing with everyday antics of love. It is also such a specific day that is potential audiences can countdown to.

Keep ’em wanting more: THE COUPLE has definitely mastered the art of the web teaser. They feel more like minisodes, succinct and funny with a beginning, middle and end.  Simple titles like “The Toothpaste” or “The Number” deliver what just what they promise. The teasers are entertaining, easy to share and build buzz about the upcoming longer-format premiere.

Great creative with your social network: This week, THE COUPLE had a “battle of the sexes” trivia event via ustream.com, where they even offered viewers a sneak peek of the premiere. What a creative way to bring your audience together around your brand! Via Facebook, the team has an “Other Couples” album that appears to be viewer submitted, clever statuses that ask fans about their couple experiences and teaser facts/production stills.

It’s about the right kind of buzz: Get the right folks with klout to be invested in your work. I first heard about THE COUPLE from a post on ClutchMagazine.com. This specific web publication for Black women has never steered me wrong so I decided to check it out. The show also had an amazing article in Essence Magazine. Dennis Dortch has been a success with film projects like A GOOD DAY TO BE BLACK AND SEXY and was able to find support from his community online with this new project. As an indie, it’s great when important people give their seal of approval. But it’s also important that those influencers actually care about your audience. Bonus points if they themselves even fit the demo your show talking about.

Keep it relatable: Another show about couples doing “couple stuff”? Been done to death. A show centered on a modern man and woman transitioning from dating to living together? Now that’s something we haven’t seen in a while. But THE COUPLE goes into uncharted territory and gives us an attractive, funny Black man and woman in the day-to-day adventures of a committed romance. What? Now you’ve got something special. THE COUPLE instantly taps into a Black audience who is eager to see themselves portrayed in a better light. The chemistry between the actors is believable and the premise of each teaser is wonderfully specific yet universal. Viewers of all kinds can reflect on their own relationships, nodding “I’ve been there.”

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One thought on “Webseries Withdrawal? Check out “THE COUPLE”

  1. revjonflores says:

    What an honest series! Love the teasers, and love “one one thousand.” Great find, Christina.


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