The Oscars: Live Blog and Updates

I’ve been pretty worked up about the Oscars this week. I’ve revealed my predictions and what would have been nominated if I was the Academy of One. I’ve complained and complained. It seems kind of silly because I don’t believe the Oscars are an accurate representation of the best films made this year (and I think most of you agree), but this is a film blog… How can a film blog not cover the biggest film event of the year? So tonight I will live tweet (@sean_temple) and live blog the Oscars. Come back tonight and remember to refresh the page periodically to see me complain about The Artist even more!

8:28 pm: Here we go. Bring it Billy.

8:35: No one 18-24 like Justin Beiber.

8:40: sooooo… this musical number is terrible…

8:42: I already regret live blogging this…

8:45: Best Cinematography goes to Hugo… I want to say at least The Artist didn’t win, but Lubezki got screwed over again and it’s sad.

8:47: Art Direction goes to Hugo. I can’t believe I still haven’t seen it. I’m ashamed…

8:54: Forrest Gump followed by Titanic… then TWILIGHT!

8:57: Costume Design goes to The Artist. Every one of these nominees were period pieces. This is a perfect example of the Academy’s lack of knowledge. They choose things you can easily see while ignoring subtle brilliant work.

9:09: Foreign Language goes to A Separation. Duhhhhhh. It’s a very good film. First award I can be happy about.

9:12: Is an Iranian film winning an Oscar un-American? #question #in #next #gop #debate #oscars

9:17: Stay tuned to find out what everyone has known for the last two months! (hint: The Artist is going to win everything).

9:24: I really enjoyed the idea of the focus group skit, but it could have been wayyyyyyy better.

9:26: Editing goes to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. BOOOOOOO!!!!! The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ends and then keeps going for 30 friggin minutes.

9:31: I still can’t believe Dragon Tattoo won. There are so many meaningless parts of that film that are there just to show off.

9:38: what the hell does cirque du soleil have to do with the movies?

9:44: Thank you RDJ. By far the best part of the show.

9:49: Man, you can really tell Pixar released a bad movie this year.

9:56: Superbad reference!!! Yesssssssssss.

9:58: Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Missing something Oscars?

9:59: Everyone who won an award on Hugo: THANK GOD FOR MARTIN SCORSESE!

10:02: So… as I walked out of Superbad laughing my ass off I’m pretty sure I never expected Jonah Hill to be an Oscar nominee

10:05: “I’m so proud to be in company with a man who pretended to jack off in a cup and drink it in Superbad” (Chris Plummer)

10:16: Martha Marcy May Marlene’s subtle, droning score is way better than all of these.

10:23: How do people live blog stuff for their career? This is pretty exhausting.

10:31: So… let’s ignore the horrific, on the noise, expository dialogue of the Descendants.

10:47: Hopefully I’ll see some of these shorts soon. Right now I have no opinion at all.

10:50: So… the academy gave Woody an Oscar for a film that says we shouldn’t be nostalgic and live in the past but rewards The Artist for doing just that?

11:01: That three seconds of THE TREE OF LIFE they showed in that director montage put everything else to shame.

11:18: The Oscars just gave away by far the best part of the Artist!!!!! Yes it’s one of a couple scenes that have sound.

11:21: Yay for exaggerated prancing around! I love performances that lack subtly!

11:26: Oh right… The King’s Speech won everything last year. #UGH

11:33: If you’re wondering how the hell Streep beat Viola Davis… 86% of the Academy is old white men.

11:38: I wonder why the Oscars keep using Moneyball music… because it won best score, duh! Oh, wait… that’s The Artist. The annoying shit you’re gonna hear in a few seconds.

11:38: The Artist is your best film of 2011 (puke).

11:41: Were you annoyed by 3D? Well… are you ready for the silent, black and white gimmick?

11:47: I was correct on 10 of my 15 predictions.



Cinematography: Hugo

Art Direction: Hugo

Costume Design: The Artist

Make Up: The Iron Lady

Foreign Language: A Separation

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer

Editing: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Sound Editing: Hugo

Sound Mixing: Hugo

Documentary: Undefeated

Animation: Rango

Special Effects: Hugo

Supporting Actor: Chris Plummer

Score: The Artist

Song: The Muppets

Adapted Screenplay: The Descendants

Original Screenplay: Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris

Best Live Action Short Film: The Shore

Best Documentary Short Film: Saving Face

Best Animated Short: Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore

Directing: Michael Hazanavicius, The Artist

Best Actor: Jean Dujardin, The Artist

Best Actress: Meryl Streep

Best Picture: The Artist

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