Holy DuJardin!: The Oscars as a Televised Show

Did you catch this year’s Academy Awards? If you did, what did you think? If you didn’t, well… you didn’t miss much. As you’ve probably read online (because we all know there were probably a billion tweets with #oscars), it wasn’t the least bit exciting.

It’s one thing to be disappointed by the winners (or in this year’s case, maybe even the nominees) and another to be disappointed by the awards show itself. There are so many things I wish they could have done differently that would have made the three hours a little bit more bearable. This is the type of awards show that is better to experience live. Otherwise, on your couch, it’s just not the same. So, out of sheer displeasure for such a dull show—and admittedly 3 AM boredom—here’s a look into what the Academy Awards did wrong often and did right rarely.

P.S. Sorry for the hashtags within this post– Did a lot of that tonight as we live tweeted (@indiesunchained) so the habit’s still there.

It all began at 8:30 EST/ 5:30 PST…And I wished it would’ve ended earlier than 11:30 EST/ 8:30 PST


*Morgan Freeman could have stayed onstage longer. He definitely has the kind of presence few others have.

*Bieber should have said his demographic was 5-15 year-olds NOT 18-24. Are you kidding me?

*The musical number is pretty terrible. They could have made it shorter and…well better.

*Nice to see the Academy recognize the seat fillers—and that adorable old man.

*Amazing quote by winner Robert Richardson (cinematographer for Hugo) – “For all the past, future, and present filmmakers, this is for you.”

*The academy shows us why films are important to culture. Picture it: Forrest Gump! Titanic! …Twilight? We tweeted “Forrest Gump, Titanic & …Twilight? #oneofthesethingsdoesnotbelong #oscars” Because seriously, it does not.

*Meryl Streep shouts out to her make up artist. And she almost sounds like a man. What happened there, Streep?

*JLO and Cameron Diaz do a ridiculous “dramatic” turn before announcing the winners to I don’t even remember which category. Really, guys? Really? Corny much?

*Sandra Bullock emphasizes the importance of foreign films. Much respect for her German-esque Mandarin quote.

*Billy Crystal jokes on Christian Bale. ‘Nuff said, folks. #exceptthatwasawesome

*The academy acknowledges focus groups (nice!) but does a pretty bad job at making the skit funny. It was great seeing Catherine O’Hara and Kurtwood Smith, though.

*That dance sequence with the people swinging about. Hmmmm. Yeah, no. I get up to cook at this point.

*Robert Downey Jr. presents the Best Documentary award creatively (a cameraman followes him around). And we get to see his “footage” of A Presenter. Pretty. Damn. Awesome.


*Chris Rock does a hilarious job of presenting the animation award. We tweeted, “Best animated film is…Rango. #oscars Best presenter goes to…Chris Rock.” And I facebook-ed my petition for him hosting next year’s awards show.

*Emma Stone also does a great job at presenting. By now I’m thinking the show has picked up. I had hope, but then…

*…I get really bored afterwards. I even start to notice the little things, like how winner Ludovic Bource (The Artist composer) looks like Ted Mosby from “How I Met Your Mother.”

*Best directing is my favorite category, but I am quickly reminded on how there are no women director nominees #illchangethatoneday

*Even the In Memoriam was less than stellar. Is it me or didn’t they used to have videos and not photos of the people they’re remembering? Or am I confusing this with another awards show? And didn’t they have their birth year, too? Esperanza Spalding does an amazing job singing live, though.

*Jean Dujardin thanks America, does his dance, screams out loud, and the Academy cuts to the violinist on the deck. I caught that, Academy. #youthinkyoureslick


And yeah, people win, others lose. End of show. Let’s just hope for not only better nominees next year but also for a better awards show in general.

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