PaleyFest2012: Live Panel Discussions With Your Favorite TV Casts

I’m just going to say it. Livestream is the greatest thing since sliced bread. For the next week, tune in to to watch live PALEYFEST2012 panel discussions with the cast and crew of some of today’s hottest TV shows. What’s PALEYFEST2012?

“The 29th annual William S. Paley Television Festival is an extraordinary pop culture event connecting fans with the cast and creators of their favorite shows.”

It kind of sounds like Comic-Con but catering to your average TV addict. Awesome! If you look at the lineup below, you’ll see there’s really something for everyone. I personally cannot wait for the ‘Community’ stream today (the show’s back on March 15th!) and ‘Parks and Rec’ and ‘Modern Family’ later on this week. This is a great opportunity to learn how network and cable shows do their thing on the small screen and entertain us masses every week. There’s no dress code or ticket required of course. Enjoy!

Livestream Schedule:

TODAY (Sunday, 3/3) – Community 10PM EST

Sunday, 3/4 – Once Upon A Time 4PM EST

Monday, 3/5 – New Girl 10PM EST

Tuesday, 3/6 – Parks and Rec 10PM EST

Wednesday, 3/7 – Sons of Anarchy 4PM EST

Thursday, 3/8 – Bones 8PM EST

Friday, 3/9 – Castle 4PM EST

Saturday, 3/10  – Vampire Diaries 4PM EST

Sunday, 3/11 – Revenge 10AM EST

Monday, 3/12  – Two and a Half Men 4PM EST

Tuesday, 3/13 – Mad Men 8PM EST

Wednesday, 3/14 – Modern Family 4PM EST

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