The Hunger Games Hype

Do you know anyone who read any of the books from The Hunger Games trilogy? If you’re reading this then most likely your answer will be a resounding ‘no’ seeing as the first book in the series came out in 2008.

Every time I watch the trailer for the film I start to feel a little bit like Denzel Washington oddly enough…being that I get the feeling of déjà vu and we all know that Denzel is the master of this phenomenon due to his role in the film Déjà Vu.

In all seriousness I feel the same way about The Hunger Games as I did about the Harry Potter and Twilight series. I never read any of the Harry Potter books nor the Twilight books and I don’t plan on reading any of The Hunger Games books, but I can say that I’ve seen all the Harry Potter films, (unfortunately) the first Twilight film and I plan on seeing at least the first of the Hunger Games. Please don’t judge me about the Twilight film. I was well drunk when I viewed that lovely…film?

The one thing that Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight had in common in my life is that I had NEVER heard of any of them before the first book in the series was to be made into a movie. And I already know what you’re thinking: “How had you not heard of Harry Potter?” The simple answer is that I went to Catholic middle school and high school and I was raised in a southern Baptist church so there was none of that “witchcraft nonsense” spoken about around me.

The question remains in my mind though that I obviously had no interest in seeing Harry Potter, The Hunger Games or Twilight before I heard all the hype, but eventually I felt/feel (in the case of Hunger Games) that I needed/need to see them. Am I giving in to the hype or trying to relive the childhood magic that comes from novels that I’ve lost the window to be a part of?

I feel completely different about other “adult” films that have been hyped like James Cameron’s Avatar. I took the advice of my friends, family, colleagues and film critics to make a decision on whether to see that film or not. But believe me when say that I am in no way friends with anyone from the generation who has read The Hunger Games and I don’t have a thing in common with those that have read Twilight so I’m guessing it’s the hype that compels me and I fell for it and I apologize.

I’m not the only one though. I have two very skeptical friends who despise Twilight, but for some reason watch it all the time and make drinking games out of it saying that it’s all about poking fun at the film. It’s very true that the film needs a good poking, but have these films become so anti-good that we’re making them more money by speaking negatively about them?

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2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Hype

  1. revjonflores says:

    ??? Are you saying Harry Potter wasn’t a good franchise? Are you saying The Hunger Games aren’t good books? Chris, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. I know several current IC students who love the Hunger Games and are super excited about the films, as am I. I also loved the Harry Potter films and enjoyed the books, though they aren’t literary masterpieces like The Lord of the Rings series. Twilight is all around BAD. BUT, I admit that there were elements of the latest movie’s story that resonated with me.

    Not sure why I’m being so crabby, but you seem to be judging people who like The Hunger Games books.

    Ok, I’m crawling back into my hole now. Thanks for your contribution!

    • Oh no Mr. Revjonflores. I want to see “The Hunger Games” because I saw the trailer and it looked more than interesting to me. But it gave me a familiar feeling and I realized that this is the same way I felt about the Harry Potter films when they came out. It was just so much hype that I wasn’t familiar with the series and I wondered if I was giving in to the fans of my generation or not. If it came off that I did not love the series than I do apologize. I super do!.


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