Have you learned nothing from Arrested Development?

A couple months ago many of you received some amazing news. After years of rumors, Arrested Development is coming back. There’s going to be a whole new season dedicated to letting us know what these beloved characters have been up to, leading to an Arrested Development movie! I know… Holy shit. I couldn’t believe it’s back either. You may be saying, “Yay! Arrested Development is returning! It’s so good. How could such an amazing/hilarious show ever be cancelled?” My reply? “Well… did you watch Community last night?”

In my opinion, there have been a few brilliant seasons of comedic television in the last decade. These include: Seasons 1 and 2 of Scrubs, Seasons 1-3 Arrested Development, Season 2 The Office, Season 3 (?) of Parks and Recreation, Season 2 of Louie and Season 2 of Community. Scrubs has been off the air a couple years now. The Office is still going, but honestly I haven’t watched it in a couple years because it’s running on fumes. Parks and Recreation is still amazing. Louie is luckily on a station that takes chances, and Arrested Development was infamously cancelled in it’s prime. As for Community? It was pulled from the mid season line up by NBC. Last night it returned, but fans didn’t know what NBC was going to do with it. Would we ever see another episode of our beloved Community?

Luckily we did, but that’s no guarantee the show will continue past this season. The show has horrible ratings, and just like Arrested Development may be cancelled at the height of its powers. Community is currently one of the best shows on TV. It is hilarious and incredibly smart. It’s probably the closest thing we’ve had to Arrested Development since that show went off the air. And guess what… more than likely you are not watching it (again). Most people spend their time Thursdays at 8 pm watching The Big Bang Theory. If you’re a nerd, geek, love film and television you’ll love Community because the people involved love that culture. It isn’t exploiting it like The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, watch the click below of The Big Bang Theory without a laugh track. It hurts my soul.

In five years everyone will watch Community on Netflix and demand it be brought back. It will be a classic and everyone will wonder, how do such a brilliant shows get cancelled. First Arrested Development. Now Community? My first reply? Where were you 5 years ago? People my age have an excuse when it comes to Arrested Development. We were very very young (Myself and others probably watched it but I’m sure most of us didn’t realize the brilliance at such a young age), but we’ve lost that excuse when it comes to Community. In a world where we have access to anything and everything. Where countless blogs watch the hours and hours of crap television produces to find the gems for you. How the hell are you not watching Community? How come my Facebook didn’t explode the way my twitter did (where I follow film and television sites). My second reply? You have no right to complain. I hear people complain about how much television sucks all the time. If you aren’t going to watch the brilliant shows when they’re actually on TV then why the hell would stations make them? By watching shit like, Whitney or The Big Bang Theory we’re telling the networks that’s what we want. I beg you… Watch Community. It starts a little slow, but as you get to know the characters and the show gets its footing it becomes amazing. If you don’t want to take the time to watch the whole thing from the beginning watch the paintball episodes (Modern Warfare), Chicken Finger Gangster Episode, Dungeons  and Dragons episode, claymation Christmas episode, Clips episode made entirely and clips not actually from the season. Once you’re caught up, I beg you, watch the live broadcasts! This is incredibly important! Good ratings, hell even just okay ratings (that’s what Parks and Rec get), will save the show. It really just needs one more season. Let the students finish their 4 years at Greendale!

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6 thoughts on “Have you learned nothing from Arrested Development?

  1. Brilliant know-how as always.

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  3. MWK says:

    Its shameful that the upcoming season will be the last one.

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  5. That Big Bang Theory only hurts because of crummy editing. It’s still funny as heck.


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