TV News: CBS 2012-13 LineUp Update!

Two weeks ago, I posted the shows returning for the 2012-13 television CBS network. Well, finally the pilots are in.

Here’s a rundown on the pilots set for next season. Based on the premise and the people associated with the projects, I’ve described why I wouldn’t and why I would see them.

As all pilots go, some may be ultimately canceled or pushed to midseason, but otherwise, this is what September-ish will look like for CBS:

“2 Broke Girls,” “48 Hours Mystery,” “60 Minutes,” “The Amazing Race,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Blue Bloods,” “CSI:Crime Scene Investigation,” “Criminal Minds,” “The Good Wife,” “Hawaii 5-0,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Mike and Molly,” “NCIS,” “NCIS:LA,” “Person of Interest,” “Survivor,” “Undercover Boss” –



  • Friend Me – 2 friends move from Indiana to Los Angeles to work at Groupon.

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Been there, done that. I’m tired of TV shows with this formula

*Umm, GroupOn, Inc is located in Palo Alto, CA, 6 hours away from Los Angeles (and its headquarters are in Chicago)

*Seems like a marketing ploy – GroupOn, really? & Friend Me sounds like a Facebook reference

-Why I would see it:

*Yay for at least one minority main character!

*My hero, Pamela Fryman (the sole director of “How I Met Your Mother”), will direct the pilot

Pamela Fryman, I want your job…

  • Larry Dorfe/Ben Falcone Project (Untitled) A 37-year-old man moves in with his parents after he loses all of his money

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Tired of this formula

Why I would see it:

*It’s Melissa McCarthy’s husband’s project (I foresee guest starring roles)

  • Louis C.K./Spike Feresten Project (Untitled) A group of people try to find creative jobs in a tough economic market

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Disney star Ashley Tisdale is set to star

*Doesn’t sound funny

Why I would see it:

*Louis C.K. is a pretty funny guy

  • Martin Lawrence Project (Untitled)A recently unemployed father of two decides to join the police academy

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*“$#*! My Dad Says” producers/writers

Why I would see it:

*Yay for a minority main cast!

*I’m intrigued by the concept

  • Nicholas Stoller Project (Untitled) A guy ends up working with his recent ex at an ad agency

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*It sounds all right. It doesn’t particularly jump out at me

Why I would see it:

*Nicholas Stoller is a pretty funny writer, so there’s potential


  •  Oh F**k It’s You Casanova Nick realizes that he is in love with his best friend, who happens to be engaged

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*I wish I could stop saying I’m tired of this formula…

*“2 Broke Girls” producer/writer

Why I would see it:

*Joanna Garcia

*Bryan Greenberg

*Producer/writer of “Friends,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Will & Grace”

*Producer/writer of “Everwood” and creator of “Jack & Bobby”

  • Partners – 2 friends in the architecture business form their own partnership

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Yawn – sounds boring

-Why I would see it:

*From the creators of “Will & Grace”

  • Super Fun Night Three nerdy friends decide to have super fun Fridays every week

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*It just seems like it’ll be 3 models dressed up as Hollywood nerds who try to “discover” themselves

Why I would see it:

*I’d need to see a kickass promo for it to consider watching this


  • Applebaum (based on the “Mommy Track Mysteries” series) A bored ex-lawyer decides to become a private investigator

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This has the potential to be extremely corny, especially if they play off too much the bored stay-at-home mom aspect

Why I would see it:

*Yay for women creators!

  • Made in Jersey Baby Big Shot  – A lawyer uses her street smarts to have a competitive edge against her colleagues

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Big surprise – guess which actor has the street smarts

-Why I would see it:

*“Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” writer

*Will be shot in NY

  • Elementary – A modernization of Sherlock Holmes

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Could go in a completely horrible direction

-Why I would see it:

*Lucy Liu as Watson!

*Big fan of Sherlock Holmes mysteries

*Curious to see what they’ll do with it

  • Golden Boy – Centers on a man who tracks down a cop’s sudden rise from officer to detective and ultimately to police commissioner

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*I will ABSOLUTELY see this (re: “Why I will see it”)

-Why I WILL see it:

*Created by one of the writers of Prison Break – ‘nuff said

Much like PB, I’m thinking GB has government conspiracy written all over it

  • Vegas Ralph Lamb Project (Untitled) – Set in Las Vegas in the 1960s, ex-cowboy Ralph Lamb becomes a sheriff

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Doesn’t look like CBS can hold this type of show for more than a season

-Why I would see it:

*Dennis Quaid!

*I’m intrigued by a western series on network television


  • TrooperCenters around a mother who becomes a state trooper

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Based on this premise…what else you got?

Why I would see it:

*Mira Sorvino!

And there you have it. Let’s see how they fix in the current shows with the pilots. Which series will be pushed to midseason? How many will fall apart, and how many new projects will come aboard? I shall keep you guys updated!


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9 thoughts on “TV News: CBS 2012-13 LineUp Update!

  1. revjonflores says:

    Why I’ll try not to watch anything:
    Everything new I like gets cancelled. Except The Good Wife.

    They’re canceling Alcatraz? Really? This show is cool!

  2. Jalissa Cruz says:

    Haven’t seen the show, but Chris watches it. Sounds like a cool concept. I’ll have to write up the other networks’ updates to see what’ll happen for next season. You never know… there might be a pilot gem. 🙂

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  4. Nosgoth1979 says:

    Great list, and kind of long too, especially when you consider this is only the pilots CBS has planned. From what I’ve seen all the major networks have a lot planned for this coming season. Some of it will fail, certainly, but other shows will catch on, and I’m eager to start checking them out. I feel like I got the Hopper just in time too. Working for DISH, I knew their whole-home DVR was coming but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get one right away, but it’s getting installed next week, and I am psyched! With the PrimeTime Anytime feature the Hopper has, I’ll be able to record CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC during primetime and that still leaves two tuners to watch live TV or record other programs. I definitely expect to be sampling more shows than usual this year.

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