TV News: FOX 2012-13 Pilot Lineup!

Last week I posted the fall line up of the CBS pilots on board for next season. Though it’s looking to be a hit or miss for most of them, thankfully there are more choices out there. Here is a list of Fox’s upcoming pilots for the 2012-13 season.

Based on the premise and the people associated with the projects, I’ve described why I wouldn’t and why I would see them.

As all pilots go, some may be ultimately canceled or pushed to midseason, but otherwise, this is what September-ish will look like for FOX:


  • El JefeAfter getting kicked out of his parents’ house, a man moves in with the Hispanic nanny who once took care of him.

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*What’s going on in this show?

Why I would see it:

*Only if the promo is good. Otherwise, eh…

  • Goodwin Games – Three siblings must deal with the inheritance that their father has just left them

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Though the story revolves around the connection the three siblings have after their father’s death, I can’t see how this can last as a long-term series

*It reads more as a drama than a comedy

 -Why I would see it:

*“How I Met Your Mother” creators and writers

  • Let It GoA story about a man and his wife, his best friend, and sister-in-law and their rebellious ways

Why I wouldn’t see it:

* “Accidently on Purpose” and “’Til Death” writer

Why I would see it:

*With good writing and a good cast, who knows? It might actually be funny

  • Like FatherA father moves in with his son (still in college) after his wife dies

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Just seems like the writers will overemphasize the college campus atmosphere, and it could come off really, really corny

Why I would see it:

*Creator of critically acclaimed shows “Scrubs” & “Cougar Town,” who also wrote for “Friends” and “Boy Meets World”

  • Little BrotherA man meets his half-brother and learns that he is an ex-con

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This could go either way

Why I would see it:

*John Stamos!

  • Living LoadedFollows the transition of a man from blogger to radio host

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Ehhh…So what?

 -Why I would see it:

*Donald Sutherland in a comedy series? This could be interesting…

He could be funny…right?

  • Ben and Kate Ned Fox is My Manny – A man helps his sister raise her child

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

* “What Happens in Vegas” writer

-Why I would see it:

*Ehh. Doesn’t sound all that interesting. We’ll just have to wait and see…

  • Prodigy BullyA young boy takes advantage of his intelligence to get what he wants

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*I admire Mike O’Malley’s acting chops, but I’m not too sure on his writing

Why I would see it:

*John Wells Productions!

  • Rebounding A man deals with the death of his wife with the help of his pickup basketball team

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*“Last Man Standing” and “New Girl” writer

Why I would see it:

*Will Forte!

  • The Mindy Project It’s Messy Mindy Kaling Project (Untitled) – An OB-GYN doctor tries to balance her work and personal life with her coworkers

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Ehhh.. Not sure how I feel about it based on the premise

-Why I would see it:

*Mindy Kaling is adorable!


  • The AssetA female CIA agent’s life in the New York City office

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Ali Larter is not that good of an actress

Why I would see it:

*Bradley Whitford!

  • Guilty A recently fired defense attorney continues to solve his cases despite no longer having a license

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*There are too many shows where the main character is intelligent enough to solve cases no one else could

Why I would see it:

*Cuba Gooding Jr. on TV? Yes, please!

Cuba on the weekly!

  • Karyn Usher Project (Untitled)A recently orphaned teenage girl tries to solve her father’s death with the help of a professional assassin

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Sounds too much like “Léon: The Professional” (But I’ll watch it anyway…)

Why I would see it:

*“Prison Break” producer 🙂

  • The Following Kevin Williamson Project (Untitled) – An ex-FBI agent searches for serial killers’ cult leader

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This reads like a movie log line more so than a TV one

-Why I would see it:

*Kevin Bacon in a TV series?! Count me in!

*Williamson is the writer for Scream

Guessing the film industry isn’t hiring…

  • The Mob Doctor Josh Berman & Robert Wright Project (Untitled) – A surgeon works for both a prominent hospital in Chicago and the mafia

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Though the concept sounds interesting, the fact that it’s written by the creator/writer of “Drop Dead Diva” makes me think it’ll be in that style (which may not work for this idea)

-Why I would see it:

*Jordana Spiro…finally!

So, there you have it: the Fox pilot lineup. What do you guys think? For me, the concepts aren’t as interesting as those from CBS, but the casting is impressive. Kevin Bacon and Cuba Gooding Jr!? Really now, Fox? Hmmm…


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