Who Should Direct The Hunger Games Sequel?

As you may have heard, I really really liked The Hunger Games. I’ve never read any of the books, but I feel bad for all The Hunger Games fans who are only obsessed with what did or didn’t get in the movie. They’re don’t know how lucky they are because The Hunger Games is a very good film, and that doesn’t happen that often. And I’ll never fully understand the need to see exactly what you imagined. Literature and film are two utterly different mediums. One tells a riveting story with nothing but words. While the other turn those words into powerful images. A complaint I consistently hear about The Hunger Games (the film) is lack of first person narration robbed Hunger Games movie of emotional richness. This reveals a complete misunderstanding of cinema. A film full of first person narration is boring and lazy. It tells the audience what to think instead allowing those feelings to occur naturally. One specific complaint drives me up the wall. (SPOILER ALERT) “If you can’t hear the thoughts in Katniss’ head, you can’t begin to appreciate the depth of feeling she had for that beautiful young soul.” I could not disagree with this statement anymore. The images used during that seen did a tremendous job conveying how Katniss felt. I saw it in Jennifer Lawrences brilliant acting. Her heart was broken, and so was mine (END SPOILER). So why have I gone on this extended rant? Well, Gary Ross is not going to direct the sequels to The Hunger Games (it turns out this isn’t actually official yet). Ross did an amazing job bring this story to life. Sure, the camera was way too shaky at times, but that’s a small detail when you compare it to all the amazing, subtle choices he made. Even though it became obvious months ago that this film was going to be huge, Lionsgate continually low balled him. And now he’s gone. Now fans of the books should really be scared because the quality of this series will probably drastically decrease. It’s such an easy story to mess up, but there’s one guy that I truly believe could maintain the high quality Ross set, and probably improve upon. That man is the brilliant, Alfonso Cuaron. And here’s why:

  • Alfonso Cuaron is one of the best filmmakers in the business. Y Tu Mama Tambien and Children of Men are two of the best films from the last decade. These films proved he can tell an incredibly personal, and intimate story. an epic scale. Y Tu Mama Tambien is 3 characters growing together, but it takes time to concentrate on how Mexico has had a profound affect on who they are. Children of Men took these intimate details and put then in a dystopian future. He created an incredibly realistic depiction of a world that has gone off the rails. Visually, his films are utterly brilliant. We wouldn’t have to worry about shaky camera here. Cuaron knows how to make a film truly gritty. Also, the man knows how to direct a set piece. Children of Men has some of the best set pieces I’ve ever seen. Both films end with truly emotional and heartbreaking quiet moments between characters. This kind of ending in The Hunger Games really could have brought it to an entirely different level.
  • Cuaron completely turned around the Harry Potter series. The first two were really simple and childish. Cuaron was the first director to really make the film series more adult. Part of that is obviously the books, but he had to be capable of looking at the book and saying, this is an adult story too. Cuaron is capable of looking at the source material and determining what truly works in a film. This might not be what fans want but this makes a better film. Attached to this idea is: Cuaron was able to make Children of Men because he made Harry Potter. Children of Men is something he should never been able to make. So if working on the sequel to Hunger Games allows him to do whatever he wants I’m all for it. Especially when…
  • Politically, this is right in his wheel house. Cuaron is great at making political statements with out being in yourself. Children of Men predicted what’s going on in Arizona. What happens to immigrants in that film is shocking, but it’s exactly what’s happening now. The films presens this disturbing, bleak world, but it still has hope. It had one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever had. This is the only scene that’s made me cry because at that moment I had so much hope for the world. I think Cuaron would pull off the politics of this film better than any other director working today, and to me, that’s the most important aspect of this story.


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