TV News: ABC Pilot LineUp for 2012-13!

I’ve discussed the pilots for the CBS and FOX networks, and now here are the pilots for ABC.

Based on the premise and the people associated with the projects, I’ve described why I wouldn’t and why I would see them.

As all pilots go, some may be ultimately canceled or pushed to midseason, but otherwise, this is what September-ish will look like for ABC:


  • American JudyA woman moves from the city to suburbia and must learn to deal with her step kids, mother-in-law, and husband’s ex-wife.

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*The premise doesn’t really call out to me

Why I would see it:

*Judy Greer as a lead…finally!

*Can’t Hardly Wait writers and directors

Judy Greer: She’s never really gotten the chance to lead before, but I think she’s got the chops…

  • Counter CultureThree aging sisters must cope with each other while running a diner in Texas

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*It just seems like it will be a “Golden Girls” meets Kardashian sisters type of show that doesn’t seem too appetizing

Why I would see it:

*Doris Roberts!

*Luis Guzman!

  • AwesometownA group of guys, one of whom must deal with divorce after catching his wife cheating, move to New York City

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Will probably be another NYC setting with no diversity

Why I would see it:

*Semi-new faces that are given a chance

I love FRIENDS, but another white-washed NYC? Ehhh, I’ll pass.

  • How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life – A recently divorced single mom moves in with her unconventional family

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*YAWN… How many pilots already have this similar logline of moving back in with parents?

*“Work It,” “Accidently On Purpose,” and “Friends With Benefits (TV)” writer, who is also producing “Counter Culture”

-Why I would see it:

*Orlando Jones!

*Brad Garrett! (Though…”’Til Death…” Ehhh)

  • Malibu Country – After a painful divorce, Reba tries to adapt to the new way of life with her kids in Malibu

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*I fear it’s just a continuation of “Reba”

-Why I would see it:

*“Golden Girls,” “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place,” and “Growing Pains” writer

*I’m actually a big fan of Reba’s acting

*Sara Rue!

  • Only Fools and HorsesBritish comedy-based series, where two brothers and their grandfather try to strike gold

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This American take could be disastrous

*Well-established writers of “SNL” and “MadTV” (i.e. their writing could come off as too over the top)

Why I would see it:

*Christopher Lloyd!

  • Prairie DogsAn “uncool” guy meets with his “cool” identity thief and seeks his help to turn his life around

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*The “uncool” and “cool” persona-s will most probably be butchered stereotypes we all already are way too aware of on TV

Why I would see it:

*Love Kal Penn!


  • Family Tools Red Van Man – Based on the British version, a man must conform to running his family business and put his dreams on hold

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*“Yes, Dear” writer

*A writer from the British version tackling the American version

Why I would see it:

*I love Leah Remini!

  • The Smart One A “smart” woman is not too happy to work for her “popular” sister at the mayor’s office

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*I fee like they’ll play off the “smart” vs “popular” stereotype I’m way too tired of seeing

Why I would see it:

*David Arquette!


  • Neighbors Down to Earth – A family moves to New Jersey and finds that their neighbors are aliens

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This could be either really great or really stupid

-Why I would see it:

*Again, this could be either really great or really stupid

*I love Jamie Gertz!


  • Kari Lizer Project (Untitled)  – An ex-executive at a successful company must deal with unemployment and raising her teenage daughters

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Ehhh… Not a premise that’s intriguing

Why I would see it:

*Would need to see a promo…’cause nothing in writing seems to speak to me

  • Family Trap A woman moves back to her hometown with her husband to open up a new restaurant but finds herself more involved with her family problems

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Don’t know if I will buy Mandy Moore in this…

* Producer of “Last Man Standing”

Why I would see it:

*Wedding Crashers and “Married With Children” writer


  • 666 Park Avenue – A young mid-western couple is hired to manage a historic apartment building in New York City but soon discover the supernatural forces behind it

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*There are only so many story lines involving the supernatural (especially for TV) that won’t come off as silly and ridiculous

-Vanessa Williams needs to go back to films (when is her ABC contract over?)

-Why I would see it:

*Terry O’Quinn is a really good actor

*This could work with good writing

Sorry…But I miss seeing THIS Vanessa…

  • AmericanaThe life of a legendary fashion designer

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This could come off as sooo boring

Why I would see it:

*Seems like it will be a character driven show

*“Revenge” director

  • Beauty and the Beast  – A modernization of the fairy tale, where a princess tries to halt a rebellion by seeking the help of a mysterious beast

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Come on, another fairy tale TV show? Can’t we just wait to see how “Once Upon a Time” and “Grimm” progress?

*Another take on the “Beauty and the Beast” story

­Why I would see it:

*I’m interested in seeing a French director’s point of view for American television

  • Devious MaidsThe mysteries behind four maids and their rich and famous bosses

Why I WONT see it:

*If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know why I am completely against this show. I won’t even get into why I’m hoping it gets cancelled before it airs.

Actually, I will get into it. I am sick and tired of American television (and Hollywood for that matter) stereotyping Hispanic roles. We represent almost 17% percent of this MIXED country, and I can assure you we’re not all maids and gardeners. This industry has done such a poor job with representation, and it’s reemphasized by television shows like “Devious Maids.” I could write a whole dissertation on it (and trust me, Marc Cherry, I will), but I’ll leave that for later. Anywho…

  • Gilded Lilys A historic tale of life in the late 1800s in NYC’s first luxury hotel

Why I wouldn’t see it:


Why I would see it:

*Unless the interrelationships between the different classes offer something new and exciting, I’m not so sure this will peak my interest

  • Gotham A detective uncovers a magical world within New York City’s landmarks

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Hey, I love my hometown, but another New York City based show?

Why I would see it:

*I’m fascinated by music video directors turned TV show/film directors

* “Jack & Bobby” and “Everwood” writer

  • Last Resort – A US submarine crew refuses to fire off a nuclear weapon and must escape to a NATO outpost, where they set up their own nation capable of nuclear powers

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*So, what exactly is going on in this show?

*There are so many complications with the premise of the show, I’m not sure they’ll be able to pull it off (the intricacies of declaring themselves a nation, the repercussions of defying such orders, the ability and reasons to defy such orders, etc) – Can the writers even pull off so much explication?

-Why I would see it:

*Actually, I’m really intrigued as to how they’re going to pull this off (It’s a “Lie to Me” and “The Shield” writer, so there’s potential)

  • Nashville – A country star at her peak is forced to team up with a rising young star

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*It just seems like the country music version of “Smash”

-Why I would see it:

*Thelma and Louise writer

*I’m going to have to see a promo, though, to see if I’ll actually watch this…

  • Red Widow Penoza – Based on the Dutch version, a widow must take over her dead husband’s crime organization in order to protect her family

­-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Twilight writer (need I say more?)

-Why I would see it:

*I was going to say, I’m a huge crime buff, but I’m not so sure I’m a fan of Rosenberg’s crime-writing style

  • ScruplesBased on the Judith Krantz book, the scandalous world of a clothing designer in Beverly Hills

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Sounds like “Americana,” no?

Why I would see it:

*Chad Michael Murray (Aren’t you curious too, though?)

  • Dark HorseA young man is committed to learn about the father he barely knew in order to understand his reasons for attempting to assassinate a powerful political figure

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Way too much going on for a series that could be simplified in a cool little film

Why I would see it:

*Roland Emmerich project!

*Has government conspiracy written all over it!

  • Zero Hour – A man becomes entangled in a conspiracy after his wife is kidnapped

Why I WILL see it:

*Come on, Paul T. Sheuring—COUNT ME IN!

And there you have it, ABC’s lineup for next fall (ish). This next season is already looking so damn interesting…and not so much in a good way.


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11 thoughts on “TV News: ABC Pilot LineUp for 2012-13!

  1. Mary says:

    In regards to Devious Maids, I would part of the goal of the show is to eventually break the mexican-maid stereo-type.

  2. Mary says:

    ehhh…I meant to say…i would think part of the goal of the show is to eventually break the mexican-maid stero-type.

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