TV News: The CW Pilot Updates for 2012-13!

I apologize for skipping out on my posts these past few weeks. It’s been a little hectic adjusting to a new schedule every week.  I didn’t come here to spew off excuses for my unprofessionalism, but I feel like my readers (however few you may be) deserve at least an apology. So, I’m sorry.

In any case, I digress. I’m back with TV pilot updates! I’ll keep today’s post rather short (seeing as I’m writing about the CW network) and have NBC’s update on Thursday. And by next Thursday we can get to the gritty—the cool part, where we analyze the shows across all the networks. Excited? Well, here goes your favorite (okay, your favorite at one point in time, maybe?)—the once WB, now awkwardly named “The CW” and its pilot listings!

Check out all my past listings. CBS, FOX, and ABC. Which network so far are you most intrigued by?

Based on the premise and the people associated with the projects, I’ve described why I wouldn’t and why I would see them.

As all pilots go, some may be ultimately canceled or pushed to midseason, but otherwise, this is what September-ish will look like for the CW.


Arrow – A modern retelling of DC Comics’ “Green Arrow,” where a man is a wealthy socialite by day and a hero by night

-Why I will see it:

*Greg Berlanti wrote for “Prison Break”!

Beauty and the Beast – Not to be confused with ABC’s pilot by the same name, this is the modern retelling of the late 1980s CBS series, where a girl ends up falling in love with a beast after being forced to live with him

Catherine & Vincent: It’ll be this… but, modernized.

­-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*There will be two network television shows with the same name

*Another retelling of this story

*Is that a black guy playing the male lead? Of course not. If they’re following the original show, Brian White doesn’t play Vincent.

-Why I would see it:

*I’ve been pleasantly surprised with fairytale-like stories so far this year. There just may be hope. Maybe.

The Carrie Diaries  – The prelude to the hit HBO series  “Sex and the City,” as we follow Carrie Bradshaw in high school

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*I already know how it ends

*Ehhh, I’m kind of over “Sex and the City,” especially after the movies

-Why I would see it:

*It could be interesting to see the development of Carrie’s character

*It could be fun to see the stories play out from what Carrie described in the original show

Is this the Carrie who will be questioning sex and relationships? Of course not, this is TV.

Cult – A PA (production assistant) on a popular TV series investigates a series of disappearances, which all link to the show itself

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*It will make me depressed knowing that I, myself, am still not working as a PA

-Why I would see it:

*Robert Knepper!

First Cut – A medical student intern realizes that life at the hospital where she now works is too similar to high school

*Why I wouldn’t see it:

*”Hope & Faith” writer

*It’s going to basically be a high school show

-Why I would see it:

*I’d have to see a promo for this

Joey DakotaA filmmaker goes back in time and falls for the subject of her documentary, her rock star idol. After having returned to present day, however, she must go back in time and try to save his life

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This going to and from the 1990s will probably come off as corny

Why I would see it:

*Scott Wolf! – Where have you been?

The SelectionSet in the future, a girl is chosen at random to compete to become the queen of a war-ridden nation

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*I feel like they’re trying to bank off of “The Hunger Games” type of story (and this show is based on a book as well)

Why I would see it:

*I’m intrigued by concepts of the future, but I have a feeling this won’t be epic by any means

ShelterThe staff at a New England summer resort deal with newcomers, guests, and their own issues

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This sounds pretty boring

 –Why I would see it:

*I’d need to see a promo

There you have it—CW’s pilots. Personally, I’m not too intrigued by any of them. I’m only really excited about Greg Berlanti’s Green Arrow (though a superhero comic series…again?) What do you guys think?


I’m thinking the same thing.. I won’t be able to tell the difference next year.

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4 thoughts on “TV News: The CW Pilot Updates for 2012-13!

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  4. Cheryl says:

    I want to see Joey Dakota!! Anything with Craig Horner will be a hit.


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