Cabin in the Woods and Avengers

Christina is right. It’s very hard to talk about Cabin in the Woods with people who haven’t seen it. This is because we’re dying to talk about what happens in this movie. I don’t think most people are interested because the marketing wasn’t that well done. Last week I told my brother (a giant horror film fan), “YOU HAVE TO SEE CABIN IN THE WOODS!!!” His reply, “Really? That looks so LAME.” Let’s get this out of the way. The Cabin in the Woods is not lame. It’s the most entertaining movie I’ve seen in a long time (well until I see the Avengers this weekend).

The biggest problem with the marketing for this film is the studio is trying pass if off as another typical horror movie. It’s not. The opening scene quickly sets the stage and we go from there. The film is actually insanely funny. Some people claim it’s making fun of horror movie conventions. I say it’s embracing those conventions we know and love, but making us question why we watch these kinds of movies. Does this make the movie a “game changer?” I don’t think so. It’s definitely well done, but the horror movie critiques aren’t what make this movie so awesome.

What I absolutely loved about this film was the final third. IT IS BAT SHIT CRAZY. Christina described it as twist after twist. I would describe it differently because the beats during the end of this film aren’t really twists… More like a never ending escalation in action with a crowd pleasing, “Hell yeah!” or “Oh my god!” moment every minute. Joss Whedon has an incredible imagination and knows how to create brilliant moments through his characters. And guess what! This guy wrote and directed Avengers. A movie I didn’t really have much interest in before I saw Cabin in the Woods, but now that I have… I can’t even imagine what he’s going to do with the Hulk… I’m so excited.

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3 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods and Avengers

  1. revjonflores says:

    It might have been my sour mood or the fact that the theater thermostat was on sub-Arctic chill, but I really didn’t see the point of TCITW. “Hunger Games” (which I enjoyed) + boobs (which hold no interest for me) and gods. Maybe this just confirms that I’m not really a horror film fan. Anyway, 1/2 star from me.

  2. […] want to know before watching the film. It’s crazy creative, and like Sean pointed out in his post, the third act is one of the best I’ve seen in a really, really long time.  All you have to […]


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