TV News: NBC Pilot Updates for 2012-13!

Updates for the final network television pilot series for 2012-13! Some are looking to give this network a major boost, while others not so much. As always, based on the premise and the people associated with the projects, I’ve described why I wouldn’t and why I would see them.

Check out the other network pilot updates: CBS, FOX, ABC, and The CW.

As all pilots go, some may be ultimately canceled or pushed to midseason, but otherwise, this is what September-ish will look like for NBC.


  • 1600 Penn – A look into the presidential family that resides at the White House

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*It just seems like this would be a cooler drama

-Why I would see it:

*It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jenna Elfman!

  • Animal Practice Animal Kingdom – A veterinarian loves the animals he treats but despises their owners

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*The premise is not inviting at all.

-Why I would see it:

*Writers from “Community”!

  • Downwardly MobileRoseanne Barr is back as a member of a mobile home community, who deals with America’s most interesting neighbors

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This could just be “Roseanne” revamped. The bar is set high, as fans are thinking that it has to top the original

Why I would see it:

*It’ll be interesting to see how they work out this side of America

Maybe we’ll be able to tell the difference if she dyes her hair…

  • Friday Night DinnerAn adaptation of the British original, where two Jewish brothers visit their parents to spend their Friday night dinners observing Shabbat

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*How can this type of premise last throughout seasons?

Why I would see it:

*Renowned writer Greg Daniels

*Tony Shalhoub!

  • Go On – Matthew Perry stars as a sportscaster who feels like he has lost it all until he grows closer with members of his group therapy

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

* I’m worried there are going to be stereotypical group therapy characters

-Why I would see it:

*Matthew Perry!

*Creator wrote for “Mad About You” and “Friends”

  • Guys With Kids DILFs – The struggles of three “grown” men who have to now take on parenting roles

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This premise has been done so many times by movies and TV

-Why I would see it:

*Anthony Anderson!

*Jimmy Fallon is an executive producer

  • Happy ValleyWith the help of her friends, a shy woman seeks revenge on her ex-fiancé

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*A very weak plot to go on

Why I would see it:

*Freddie Prince Jr is rumored to be in it

*Mena Suvari!

  • IsabelBased on the Canadian show “Le Monde de Charlotte,” a married couple deals with their daughter’s magical powers

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Isn’t this like Matilda?

Why I would see it:

*I’m intrigued by Marcia Gay Harden in a comedy

Don’t be surprised if they copy this intro…

  • The New Normal – A look into a gay couple and their surrogate friend as they look to expand their family

­-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*I’m just not sure because this will probably have a Ryan Murphy spin to it

-Why I would see it:

*Can we just all take a second to acknowledge how ballsy NBC is for turning its back on the (sadly) large number of homophobes and closed-minded people here in the US? Props, indeed.

  • Next Caller – A battle of the sexes between two co-hosts of a hit satellite radio station

Why I wouldn’t see it:
*Cue the gender stereotypes

-Why I would see it:

*Dane Cook on TV

  • Nic and JenTwo close friends deal with their separate lives, one with what seems like an amazing life and the other with an awful one

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This could end up being very black and white, with all the problems hitting one character at once, while the other has everything going right for her. I hope they don’t keep it simple

Why I would see it:

*Rachel Dratch!

*The creator wrote for “Will & Grace”

  • Save Me – After an accident, a woman believes she can channel God and perform miracles

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Anne Heche in a comedy about miracles—I don’t know if I can buy this

-Why I would see it:

*I’d have to see a promo for this

  • Susan 313 A woman tries to acclimate herself to her past (single) life after the breakup with her live-in boyfriend of 10 years

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*The premise isn’t all that intriguing

Why I would see it:

*What is intriguing is the fact that it’s loosely based on Sarah Silverman’s breakup with Jimmy Kimmel. I just picture Jimmy commenting on it in his show

30 minutes of this, eh?

  • Table for ThreeAfter coming back from a “Doctors Without Border” tour, a doctor finds out her father has married her rival from her high school days

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This is a pretty corny premise

Why I would see it:

*Pamela Fryman is directing it (This woman is going to be busy next fall!)


  • Bad GirlsNot to be confused with the reality series of the same name, this show depicts the ties inside and outside of a federal prison

Why I will see it:

*All things prison? Count me in! (And thankfully it’s a drama and not a comedy)

  • Beautiful PeopleThis drama explores the relations between robots and humans as they try to coexist in a society with clear and definite “class” distinctions

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*A bold move by NBC to take on such a distinct show. While I applaud the risk taking, I fear NBC is scrambling to take on anything they can get their hands on that would put their name on the map instead of taking on projects that are worth developing.

Why I would see it:

*The premise does sound interesting, and I’m looking forward to this unique take on robots and humans coexisting


  • Chicago Fire – A fast-paced action drama following the men and women who serve in the Chicago Fire department

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This has to be character-driven, or it won’t last because there’s only so much action for a TV show that audiences can handle season after season

-Why I would see it:

*This has got really great writers on board (3:10 To Yuma; Wanted)

  • CountyAn insight into the people that work at a crumbling L.A. County Hospital

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Isn’t this what “ER” went through as well—in terms of an underfunded hospital?

Why I would see it:

*Michael B. Jordan! He’s one of the most underrated actors of today

This kid has got chops


  • Do No Harm – A doctor must deal with his alter ego before it sabotages his personal and professional life

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Writer also wrote for “The Playboy Club” and “The Event.” While I loved “The Event,” it had very weak writing in it.

-Why I would see it:

*Glad to see Steven Pasquale as a leading man


  • FrontierIn the 1840s, a group of people head west to a land unknown

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This could be really, really boring

Why I would see it:

*It’ll be interesting to see a period piece on NBC. Aren’t you intrigued?


  • Midnight SunAn FBI cult specialist and her team investigate the disappearance of a cult and end up uncovering a conspiracy

Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Following one story for a series is pretty dangerous and can lend itself to limitations on number of seasons

Why I would see it:

*I love conspiracy shows

*Juila Stiles

  • Infamous Notorious  – A detective returns to her past life (daughter to the maid of a very wealthy family) to uncover the mysteries behind the death of her closest friend growing up

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*Class distinctions will probably be overplayed here

-Why I would see it:

*Meagan Good

*Tate Donovan

  • Revolution – When all forms of energy mysteriously disappear from Earth, people struggle to reconnect with one another

-Why I wouldn’t see it:

*This screams action adventure, which means big production—which could hinder good storytelling

-Why I would see it:

*Though the former is true, JJ Abrams is pretty good at maintaining good writing with large productions (at least for a 1st season)

*Mr. Jon Favreau is directing the pilot!

And there you have it! Stay tuned for next Thursday’s recap of all network pilots!


3 thoughts on “TV News: NBC Pilot Updates for 2012-13!

  1. Laara says:

    I really hope Beautiful People gets picked up, as it would be great to watch a show with a different spin for a change.

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