New “Capsule Options” offers latest Indie Film Reviews

Are you tired of endlessly searching the internet for reviews of the latest independent films released every week? Well, never fear, Indiewire’s new Capsule Options is here to save the day. About 10 to 15 reviews are posted at the end of the week with the standard “A through F” grading scale. Now you can make your moviegoing decisions without breaking a sweat. Check it out HERE!

GIRL IN PROGRESS, Eva Mendes’ surprising role as a Latina mother with a lot of growing up left to do, didn’t fare so well in this week’s edition of reviews. It received a D. I thought the trailer had potential but that’s the case for a lot of today’s films. America’s used to seeing Mendes as the romantic comedy lead, so maybe it’s a bit of stretch to see her in a low-budget mom-daughter drama. The transition for Hollywood romcom royalty into their late 30’s and 40’s was recently discussed on last week and the end argument was two-fold: it’s both on the actresses and the industry to realize there is an available market for movies about women over the age of 20. In the article “The Truth About Women And Hollywood: ‘These Actresses? They’re Fucked. Good Luck To Kate And Reese.’, Eva Mendes’ name came up as one of the few “the brown-skinned versions of the Kates, the Reeses and the Camerons”. But as we can see here, she might also be falling in the cinematic “Mommy-dom” that her White peers have fallen into (anyone remember Cameron Diaz in MY SISTER’S KEEPER?).  GIRL IN PROGRESS film opens today (5/11/12) in select cities so perhaps the film will stand a chance to attract mothers and daughter this Mother’s Day weekend, while Dad sees THE AVENGERS again.

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