Six Seasons and a Movie! And some Parks and Rec Thoughts

Good news folks! Last night Community was renewed! Did I honestly think this was going to happen? Not when I wrote this article asking, “Have you learned nothing from Arrested Development?” But lately most people thought the show was going to get renewed, but that didn’t diminish my excitement when I heard the amazing news minutes before the show aired last night. Now the interesting part of NBC’s announcement… the 4th season of community will only be 13 episodes. Hmm… initially I was a little upset. I’m selfish, and I want as much Community as possible, but I realized this is a good thing. It allows Dan Harmon and company to really buckle down and concentrate on making 13 great episodes. I honestly can’t even imagine trying to write 20-22 episodes of any kind of television. I think NBC’s choice is definitely a blessing, and I can’t wait to see how the writers finish this great show (because I definitely don’t expect there to be a fifth season of Community). In other news, last night was the season finale of Parks and Recreation! Did Leslie Knope the election?

I’m not going to answer that question here, but I’ll tell you this… it was a great, emotional, and hysterical episode. Leslie Knope’s election has to be one of the most intricate full season plots I’ve seen in a network sitcom, and I really applaud the writers for going in this direction. It’s really crazy to think about how far this show and Leslie Knope has come in its 4 seasons. I still talk to a lot of people who never got past that first, mediocre, season. Honestly, the show began as an Office rip-off and Leslie Knope was literally the female version of Michael Scott. I actually re watched the whole series recently, and it’s really hard to watch those episodes. It’s actually painful. That character is not the Leslie Knope I know and love. Thankfully, during the second season everything clicked. The writers made Leslie the anti-Michael Scott. She became very very good at what she does. Still a little socially awkward, but pretty brilliant. My favorite female character in television. The writers also really started to get to know the side characters.

Once Louis CK showed up in a guest role the show just took off. It was absolutely hilarious. From there they adopted Amy Poehler’s brilliant stance. Get the funniest people possible. Once the show added Adam Scott it never looked back. The show has become more than just a sitcom comedy. I’m entirely invested in these people and I really care about them. As much as I love Arrested Development, this was something that show never did for me. Season two of The Office made me feel this way, and all of Scrubs. My point is, it’s really rare for a sitcom comedy to become what Parks and Recreation has, and if you gave up on the show I highly suggest you give it another chance. Because unlike Community, this show has not been renewed yet (it probably will) and losing this show would actually hit me harder than losing Community.

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2 thoughts on “Six Seasons and a Movie! And some Parks and Rec Thoughts

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