Chicago Fire


In anticipation for updated info on the pilots, here’s a little something before the next installment of What to Expect From Pilots for Network TV’s 2012-13 Season!

(NBC) CHICAGO FIRE : A fast-paced action drama following the men and women who serve in the Chicago Fire department

This is basically going to be like watching the fire department from “Third Watch.” NBC, by the way, is on a roll and is surprisingly ahead of the game. Check out the Chicago Fire website.

Created by: Michael Brandt and Derek Haas (both – 2 Fast 2 Furious; 3:10 to Yuma; Wanted)

Directed by: Jeffrey Nachmanoff (The Day After Tomorrow – writer; “Homeland” – director)

Cast: Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer, Charlie Barnett

*So far, I’m thinking they’ve picked good faces over good actors – but I’ll check out more promos to see just how effective this show can be.

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