Love Festing? Check out Find Festival Jobs database

Today is the official kickoff for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Alas, I’ll have to enjoy it from the laptop this year as it’s near impossible to snag a volunteer position inside the fest and the cost to attend as a patron is WAY out of my indie budget. However, this doesn’t mean that this summer can’t still be filled with festival adventures. If you have any spare time coming up, I definitely advise you all to check out the Find Festival Jobs database.  Post-Cannes, the next big film festival in the states is The LA Film Festival (June 16th – June 24th), which offers volunteer positions and unpaid internships (listed here on Find Festival Jobs).

Find Festival Jobs is a great resource because they streamlined all of the countless hours one might spend googling festival details into one sweet website. I follow them on Twitter (@FindFestivalJob) and signed up to recieve their monthly newsletter. I even got to meet with the wonderful founders, Kayce and Brock in Park City while volunteering at Sundance last January. Last month’s newsletter featured “Festivals Can Change The Direction of Your Career”, a very inspiring guest column from Kristen Coates, a one-time weekend film fest volunteer who ultimately landed as a Sundance Film Festival associate manager. She ended the summary of her journey with these parting words:

“For those interested in this career path, I will tell you the hardest part will be getting your first festival job. After you get that, you begin to be friends with people who work at other festivals, and finding other jobs to formulate your own circuit become easier and easier over time. Festivals are a lot of work (really, a LOT), but if they are half as inspiring to you as they are to me, it means getting to do what you love, every day.”

After my plunge into full-time film festival volunteering at Sundance (read here) and SXSW (read here), I’m now trying to figure out just how I can do this amazing work with a paid staff position. As Kristen noted above, it’s going to be hard work, but is anything really ever easy for us indies?

The listings available on Find Festival Jobs cover all sorts of events (film, music, comedy, sports, theater) volunteering opportunities, jobs and internships, so take you pick and get festing TODAY!

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