You’re Finally Going to Have the Opportunity to See Margaret

Have you heard the story behind Kenneth Lonergan’s film, Margaret? Because it’s kind of crazy. Lonergan finished filming years ago, but he had a lot of trouble getting the perfect cut. Multiple filmmakers tried to help him finish the film, including Martin Scorsese. The longer Lonergan took, the more people began giving up on the film. The original producers, the people standing up for him more than anyone else, actually died during post-production. He actually went to court over the film.

Last year he finally finished the film. It was 150 minutes long (only 15 seconds shorter than Fox Searchlight’s time limit. Yes, apparently Fox Searchlight has a limit on running times). Fox Searchlight released it, but no one saw it. The studio didn’t give the film a real release. It had one screening in Boston. So I didn’t see it. Eventually some notable film critics saw the film and believed it was a masterpiece. Operation #teammargaret began. The film community on the internet really stood behind the film and some theaters went out of their way to book the film. Unfortunately, these theaters were only in NYC and LA (typical). Lonergan really appreciated all the support. But this was all 5 or 6 months ago. The film still hasn’t came out on DVD and Blu Ray. Until now. The DVD will be officially released on July 10th. The release will include Lonergan’s 3 hour directors cut. I’m incredibly excited to finally see this film. I hope you all choose to see it as well.

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2 thoughts on “You’re Finally Going to Have the Opportunity to See Margaret

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