We hit 10,000 views!

We want to say Thank you! to every single person who has supported this passion project and helped us to 10,000 hits. Woot woot!

“We should really start a blog.” It was just a simple sentence uttered by four Ithaca College film grads back in January and now here we are leaping in June with this milestone. Indies Unchained was born out of a desire to have our voices heard. We love the film and TV industry, but we’re also very fed up with a lot of its problems (racism, sexism, ageism). One night we decided why not create our own platform? We’re just at the beginning of our careers and if we’ve learned one lesson since graduating from school, it is this: The only rules of the game are that there are no more rules. This is the new age where Kickstarter is the new rich uncle , Netflix killed the video rental store, Twitter is becoming the new office water cooler, first-time filmmakers are winning at Sundance and the Oscars and big budget blockbusters are mysteriously tanking at the box office. Who even knows what or who the next game changer will be next? This blog also allows us to reflect on these happenings that very much affect how we create our art.

Every page view, Facebook like, Twitter retweet, comment and link share is truly appreciated. The internet is pretty big and there are a lot of blogs out there so anytime you’ve stopped by to browse our latest cinematic musings is a sure sign we’re doing something right. We’ve still got lots to say so please stay tuned for a fresh post everyday. Here’s to another 10,000 more views and beyond!

Our Most Popular Hits of All Time

Is David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo a Feminist Film? by Sean T.

Prediction – The “Hollywood-ization” of William Levy by Jalissa C.

Audience Demographics: His versus Hers by Christina B.

Meryl Streep Reigns Supreme…At the Golden Globes by Chris B.

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