Do You Dare? “The Quest” Logline Contest

First there was “Twit-Pitch” by Scriptshadow’s Carson Reeves (read here) and now we have “The Quest” hosted by Go Into The Story’s Scott Myers. Multi-million dollar flops like JOHN CARTER and BATTLESHIP are proving that not everything is golden in Hollywood. Luckily this means that tomorrow is a brighter day for indies everywhere. Think you’ve got the next greatest 120 pages of originality? Why not enter “The Quest”.

Similar to “Twit-Pitch”, a screenwriting guru is giving the masses an opportunity to make his or her big break as a bonafide screenwriter. But how, you ask? It’s very simple. Send an email to with the subject heading “QUEST” along with your script logline and title in the body of the email (You can send multiple loglines but they all have to be in one email). That’s it! Send it in before this Friday, June 8th at 11:59pm EST and you’re off to land of fame and fortune. Okay, maybe not exactly.

The prize at hand for 4 lucky writers is a free 24-week workshop called “The Quest”. That still sounds pretty amazing to me. The classes are virtual and cover practically every facet of screenwriting. More importantly, the workshop provides a digital bootcamp including:

  • Weekly writing exercises and assignments
  • Detailed feedback on all exercises, assignments, and script pages
  • Regular teleconferences

In the end, you’ve knocked out the first draft of your screenplay with an industry insider as your own Yoda. Still hesitant? How about this – Scott is giving everyone who enters a free 1-week course through his Screenwriting Master Class. Still need convincing?

That’ s a whole lotta loglines and the contest has only been open for a week (since May 29th). I highly recommend that you take a look at the Go Into The Story site and specifically these two posts about “The Quest” (“The Quest”: What is it?” AND “Go Into The Story: The Quest” — Submission Process”). Take a chance on yourself and submit your best idea. Opportunities like this can only make you a better writer.

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