Woody Allen gives me an excuse to talk about Louie

This guy was cast by Woody Allen. Awesome. No one knows how significant his role be, but I hope he’s the lead. You may not know this but I love Louis CK. He is currently the funniest person in the world. He stars, writes, directs, and edits my favorite show on television, Louie, while producing a hour long comedy special of new material every year.

What!? How is that even possible? Louie is the funniest show on television. One episodes puts on a mock Fox News segment with Louis CK arguing with an incredible religious woman about masturbation, and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. More importantly, he doesn’t make this woman a one dimensional religious zealot. Every character in his show is a real person, and that’s what makes this show so much more than just hilarious.

It constantly presents the real world through Louis CK’s amazing perspective. It’s presents human truths while setting up a 5 minute sequence that climaxes with a 40 second fart. He simultaneously does and does not take himself too seriously. He spends an entire episode devoted to masturbation, followed by an episode about ditching your friends for stardom and suicide. No other show made me think about my own life over and over again. The show is so personal, but simultaneously universal. The new season begins June 28th! Here’s the AMAZING teaser:

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