10 Random Ways to Get Motivated to Write Your Script

I’ve been feeling a little down these last few weeks and haven’t found the energy to keep my scriptwriting up. I’m extremely disappointed in myself. Why did I settle for a part time job if I wasn’t going to use my free time for writing? (Well, technically the traveling takes up time and it’s not like I’ve been able to even find another job…) In any case, I could be doing more, and I’m not. But today I had to wake up at 5AM to go to a meeting at Sears. My coworkers and I laughed at some “mattress humor,” and I came to realize how absolutely and radically different my life is than what I expected. I’m laughing at a Stearns and Fosters joke, when I should be laughing at some grip or lighting jokes. I wish I were on set—rather, I wish I could get paid to work on set.  Instead, I’m memorizing coil counts, which beds have which layers of foams, and how to get customers to realize that returning a bed affects my being able to make rent each month.

If I settle on this notion, however, I’ll be all depressed and all the more unmotivated. It might be the three cups of coffee today, but I’ve decided to bring my spirits up come hell or high water. So, taking motivation from writing exercises I was forced to do in college, I’m finding that I do really miss scriptwriting. Hopefully you guys can work through your slumps with these pretty cool writing techniques that have helped me in the past (and I’m sure will help me now and in the future).

“I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.”

-James Michener

Let your imagination roam in 10 (or more) sentences or character exchanges

10 Sentences (Narrative Form)

  • Write stream of consciousness for one character (any character with absolutely any traits)
  • Pick 25 words (5 nouns, 5 verbs, 5 adjectives, 5 proper nouns, and 5 adverbs) and create a story

10 Sentences (Action Within a Scene)

  • Stream footage on footagefirm.com and describe the scenery of any one of the videos
  • On Tumblr, type in keywords like “nature” or “roses” and quickly scroll down to the middle of the page. Describe a scene using that imagery
  • Write a scene where no dialogue is said between two characters

10 Dialogue Exchanges

  • Watch best moments of your favorite TV show/movie on YouTube and write a trailer for the film/TV show, creating your own take on the story
  • Pick up any book and pick a random page. Using only one of the paragraphs within in it, adapt it into a scene.
  • Look up one quote from 5 different films/TV shows and write a scene using all of them together (adjust as necessary)
  • Write up a scene where 2 characters know of a secret that the audience doesn’t know.
  • Write a scene where several characters repeat one word over and over throughout their conversation.

You can always feel free to post up any of these that you’d like to share! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “10 Random Ways to Get Motivated to Write Your Script

  1. revjonflores says:

    Great exercises! Is it too late for me to go to film school? Or should I just take one of those 1 day seminars that will teach me everything y’all learned in 4 years? Or should I open a coffee house that hosts cool local musicians? Or should I just stop wasting time on teh internets? I SHOULD start with cleaning my desk! Ok, now I’m done with my stream of consciousness exercise! Thanks!

  2. Jalissa Cruz says:

    The coffee house idea sounds good. 🙂 But yeah, maybe the seminar would be just as effective. I’ve practically forgotten 90% of what I learned… So I may join you in the seminars. And yess… aren’t these exercises invigorating!

  3. nokiakacharger says:

    Its good but i just don’t know how to get out of a dead lock that my mind often gets in to while writing ? i think writing dialogues requires a little more motivation that i often lack. I start well, write the whole story character sketches. Decide the scenes but where i get stuck is the conversation between characters, or dialogues you may say. HELP !!!

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