Pilot Tracking – “The Following”

“The Following” (FOX) – 2012-13 midseason

Creator/Writer: Kevin Williamson (Scream)

Director: Marcos Siega (“Damages”)

Cast: Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Shawn Ashmore

An ex-FBI agent (Bacon) is asked to help find a serial killer who has escaped from prison–the same man he once caught eight years before

A few weeks ago I posted my thoughts on the pilots coming up for the 2012-13 TV Network season. I based my reactions on premise and on the names behind the projects. Well, now trailers and teasers are rising up to the surface, so it’ll be fun to see which ones live up to all the hype. For me, there were only a select few that I was really looking forward to. “The Following” was one of them, namely because Kevin Bacon and Kevin Williamson were attached. (Have I mentioned Shawn Ashmore will be here also? I’m all the more excited now!)

This is like a cool spin-off of one of the “Criminal Minds” episodes, so I’m pretty hyped for this pilot.

I originally commented on how I thought the premise read more like a movie than a TV series, and after watching the 3 minute trailer, I find that it still holds true. This would have been a pretty awesome movie idea. It’ll be interesting to see how they expand this concept into a series. FOX announced that it will air this series mid-season for 15 weeks straight, so at least that tension can build nicely without a break in the middle.

I’m definitely excited for this. Is anyone else?

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One thought on “Pilot Tracking – “The Following”

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