Do you want to see good TV writing? Heck, do you want to feel it? I’m the first to admit that I watch a lot of television shows where the writing is less than stellar, ::cough::”GLEE”::cough::. Sometimes, I just can’t help it. There’s something that draws me in, whether it be actors, storylines, or just plain controversies brought to the table. I’m all the more pleased, then, when a show comes along that somehow gets a lot of these elements right. ABC’s mid-season show “Scandal,” surprisingly, has some of the best writing I’ve seen this past year.


Creator: Shonda Rhimes

Cast: Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry

Logline: A former White House Communications Director gets more than she bargained for when her crisis management firm must manage a scandal at the White House

There were many shows whose concepts lent themselves to their initial hype, i.e., NBC’s “Awake” and FOX’s “Touch.” The writing, however, wasn’t all that great, and they felt more like rushed scripts than well thought out dialogue exchanges, action sequences, and character developments. And though “Scandal” has its soap opera moments, it damn sure nails those three factors.

Is the show perfect? Of course not. But damn, there are at least five scenes that I can recall off the top of my head that blew me away (and let’s face it, I have one of the worst memories of, well, anybody around).

I present you, therefore, two key scenes that after watching inspired me to get my act together with my own writing.

The Epic Cyrus Monologue

I could quote the whole monologue. Almost like a stream of consciousness. Not only was the writing good, but the acting was intense, giving the written words so much more depth!


When No Dialogue = Good Writing

There are just moments when you don’t need to say anything at all. The acting and directing speaks for itself. This scene gives me goosebumps!

I would have added more scenes but I can’t seem to find them on YouTube. Definitely give this show a try!

Even if it won’t inspire you like it did for me, at least you can enjoy some good drama.

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