Have A Cool Summer With Cable Dramas Available for Streaming

Summer is officially is full swing which means that network TV is about to pump out an unhealthy dose of reality TV programming to American audiences. Luckily, this is means it’s the perfect time to check out or catch up on a few great cable TV dramas. Here’s a few on my list to hold me over until the Fall season premieres.

Misfits – Seasons 1 thru 3 on Hulu

I can only describe this show as Skins meets Heroes but much better. Thanks to Hulu, all three seasons are available to watch for free for those of us in the United States. The British series on Channel 4 is uncensored and wonderfully pushes the boundaries of TV dramas with a teen cast. Before it’s rumored to be adapted for American TV, take the opportunity to bask in the original . I’ll technically be re-watching the series but it’s that good.

If you’ve got a Netflix Instant subscription:

Luther – Seasons 1 & 2 now on Netflix Instant 

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this show. Idris Elba of The Wire fame (another show I’ve been meaning to watch) stars in the lead role of detective John Luther. Did you know he had an accent? Hey, that’s what closed captioning is for, right? I love the Brits and their jam-packed super 10 episode or less seasons. The trailer gives an almost tortured soul vibe that is a surefire recipe for a addicting drama. And most of all there’s umm.. Idris Elba.

Mad Men – Seasons 1 thru 4 on Netflix Instant

I watched the pilot eons ago and thought “meh”, but a girl can only watch so many reruns before I need something fresh. The greatest thing about the show being on the world’s longest hiatus is that it meant all four seasons were added to the Netflix catalog. Don Draper (played by the suave Jon Hamm) and company have taken viewers on a wild time warp. We get so see just how far we’ve come in sexism, racism and business politics and most importantly, who the real casualties were. Hopefully, Season 5 is next in line.

Breaking Bad – Seasons 1 thru 3 on Netflix Instant

I’ve just wrapped up Season 2 and Netflix only has Season 1, 2 and 3. The goal is to finish the rest (might have to drop some cash for Season 4) before the July 15th Season 5 premiere. I was hesitant again with this one because it falls into the realm of “rooting for the immoral protagonist” (similar to Dexter). After the pilot, I was hooked. I thought Bryan Cranston was great on Malcolm in the Middle, but he absolutely shines in the 1-hour drama department. Alongside the equally talented Aaron Paul, I can’t help but describe the show as “The Odd Meth Couple starring Eminem and Mr. Clean”.

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