Are Networks This Desperate? – Draw Something Pilot

As if Battleship weren’t enough, now network television is taking a cue from Hollywood’s ridiculous trend of making games into storylines. CBS has commissioned a pilot for Zynga’s Draw Something, the popular Pictionary-esque game app.

You’ve just won $10,000!

It will be a reality show, where game users and celebrities compete for a chance to win cash prizes. This will all be done in front of a studio audience, no less.

Remember this?

At least there was some excitement with people running up to the board. Let’s think about this modern take. So, are people just going to sit in their swivel chairs and draw with their little ipad pens? Someone actually thinks that it is a good idea to televise Pictionary’s digital version. And, no surprise, celebrities will be competing as well. If it’s anything like other shows with celebrities competing, i.e., “Dancing with the Stars,” said celebrities would probably not include any A-listers.

Exhibit A

The worst part of it all is that CBS won the rights to this unscripted pilot. Yes, that’s right, other networks competed to get this show. CBS was the “lucky” winner. I just don’t understand how this got past the development stages. I think producers would be better off handing out money to people in the streets and recording their reactions. But alas, that wouldn’t get viewers to tune in, right? As long as they have a popular name to promote, people will recognize the name and want to watch it—or heck, maybe even compete themselves. Am I the only person that thinks this is absolutely ridiculous?

The Monopoly script idea is looking better each day….

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