SHORTS LOVE: Vote today in Shadow And Act Digital Filmmaker Showcase!

A quick refresher: “Inspired by the popular Black Cinema blog of the same name, the Shadow and Act Digital Filmmaker Showcase is a year long competition of short films from around the globe. Participating films must have themes that reflect the African Diaspora experience.” Many of the films have garnered success on the festival circuit (MEN IN LOVE by Keith Davis and CLOSE by Tahir Jetter) and others feature the early work of today’s breakout stars/directors (Adepero Oduye and Rashaad Ernesto Green). Who knows what impact a click of a mouse might have? You could help a fellow indie get their big break with an offer to turn their project into a feature or even just start-up cash to make their next short film.

Yes, our favorite short film competition is back for Round 4. Voting is open to anyone and closes on Friday, July 13th (you can’t really forget that date, can you?). Just click HERE to watch the selected films and vote for your favorites. If you happen to be sick and tired of all the depressing statistics about the state of today’s film industry, here’s a chance for you to voice your support for something better. The showcase has 6 rounds and each winner of the individual rounds wins a cash award of $1,000. Those finalists then get to compete in the final round for a $4,000 grand prize. The rules say you can only vote once but you can select multiple films on your ballot. The site is currently hosting 36 short films.

I was really excited to see that one of the new additions to the showcase lineup was UNDERGROUND by Akil DuPont. I had the opportunity to see his powerful musical about runaway slaves last September when we both screened in the shorts block at the Urbanworld Film Festival in NYC. It’s definitely on my list to vote for. Which one(s) are you gonna pick? My love for the S&A blog overall is no secret, so I’ll be blasting this particular announcement until the final hour.


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One thought on “SHORTS LOVE: Vote today in Shadow And Act Digital Filmmaker Showcase!

  1. Rodney says:

    Thanks for the shout.


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