Another Master Teaser

Paul Thomas Anderson is at it again. He just released a new teaser for his upcoming (sure to be great) film, The Master. I personally love this one even more than the first one. Johnny Greenwood’s menacing score still fills my body with an uncontrollable sense of dread and anxiety, and we’re introduced to Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s (cult leading?) character. Honestly, we’ve talked a lot about trailers on IndiesUnchained, and Christina even wrote a great blog about how over the top trailer critiquing can be, but I can’t help myself. This is how you cut a trailer. The trailer has it’s own rising tension and amazing climax without giving away every beat of the actual film. It introduces us to some important characters, while also brilliantly revealing the tone of the film. Which is great, because I’m usually more interested in the tone of the film then what it’s actually about. If it’s done well, a film can be about anything.

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