Got Film Fest Withdrawal? LAFF Highlights Now Online

It’s been almost two months since I’ve worn a festival badge (filmmaker or volunteer) and I’m aching for another fix. This week especially, my cubicle feels like it’s closing in on me as I’m surrounded by endless tweets, Facebook updates and reviews from this month’s Los Angeles Film Festival. LAFF runs until the 24th. Since tapping my flats together won’t send me there, I thought I’d share a small ounce of the magic for those of us on the sidelines. One of the only great things about missing out on events like this in Los Angeles (or NYC)  is that someone somewhere is bound to be recording it for future online viewing. Score! Plus you don’t have to hop on a plane or wait in line for hours hoping to snag an empty seat. Look HERE for video updates as the fest continues through Sunday.

“Beasts of The Southern Wild” Red Carpet Interviews

*Click HERE to find out when and where to see this magical film on June 27th (limited release).

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