Whoa, I Know Kung Fu

Matrix jokes aside, this looks incredible. Apparently Keanu Reeves is directing a film, and it looks like his time working on The Matrix trilogy is a huge inspiration for him. He wanted to pull off the camera tricks he’s seen in a lot of blockbusters, but without relying on CGI to stitch what are normally impossible camera moves between takes together. Bot and Dolly came to him with this amazing device.

Honestly, my ultimate goal is to make independent films about real life struggles, but when you see tech like this it’s hard to not desperately want to play around with it. The key is to bring this technology and budget to human story. The best example I’ve ever seen of this is Children of Men. Alfonso Cuaron told a human story on a huge scale and created amazing technology to enhance his story (THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THE VIDEO BELOW IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT).

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