“Black Folk Don’t” Season 2 Premieres June 26th

It started with a suggestion from internship supervisor last summer. I’d been musing about a creating a webseries based on tracking down the origins of my family’s food traditions. I was pointed in the direction of a new project called “Black Folk Don’t”. The premiere episode was called “Black Folk Don’t Tip”. From the title alone, I was hooked.

Here was a very basic docu-style series featuring man on the street interviews with an array of opinions regarding pretty taboo topics (therapy, traveling, winter sports). In other words, genius. Not only did I watch the pilot several times, I immediately shared the video and the subject featured with other Black folk. I’ve since put my food project on the back burner so I can focus more on film festival work, but I’m definitely taking notes from this series created by media maker Angela Tucker in partnership with The National Black Programming Consortium. It’s always inspiring to see what a great platform the web is for independent artists like Angela Tucker in non-fiction work and Issa Rae (of “Awkward Black Girl) in scripted programming.

Season 2 of “Black Folk Don’t” premieres on June 26th and will be hosted on http://blackfolkdont.com/. Judging from the trailer below with topics up for discussion like atheism, eating disorders and swimming, this installation is bound to be another success. Tune in tomorrow!

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