Small Film, Big Results

I can’t believe it’s the 4th of July already. Where is summer going so fast? Alas, on this day of independence, fireworks, amazing shopping sales, I still have to go into my 9-5. Fortunately, as alway in a crunch, Twitter delivered the inspiration for today’s post.

The week’s trailer watch across the web included a little festival film called COMPLIANCE. Finally hitting theaters on August 17th (I feel a limited release coming, but who knows), I glad this film is getting a public audience outside the fest circuit. I got the chance to see the film twice when I volunteered as a projectionist at SXSW in March. I don’t recall anyone walking out because of the intense subject matter, but man is this a gut wrenching piece of cinema.

Like Bitter Script Reader mentions, COMPLIANCE has all of the components of traditional independent filmmaking. The fact that he offers a call to action to other filmmakers is interesting. Yes, as a first time filmmaker, it’s easy to get swept up in wanting to writer that breakout script that will have the whole town talking, but let’s be realistic. The most likely (if you’re footing the bill) and appealing (if someone else is) option is always about quality.

So here’s to the small story. Why not put restrictions on yourself. Push your creativity to the max inside of a 2-4 person cast, interior locations and a tight succinct compelling script. After seeing a film like COMPLIANCE, I’m trying to curb the habit of writing “big”. This next script of mine is going to be “smaller”. Not diluted, but in fact the opposite. The challenge will be to boil down a large idea into an intimate retelling of the same events. The essence, I like to call it. Because as always, the more specific and small, the more universal and grand.

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One thought on “Small Film, Big Results

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