Times A’ Changing – Have You Noticed?

Sadly, it’s been a few months since I’ve gone to the movies, i.e., paid for a movie ticket at the theatre, or the cinema, or the multiplex (what’s the proper expression again?). I’ve been somewhat spoiled with my roommate, Chris Britingham, working for Paramount. They have free showings of fairly new releases for employees’ families and friends, so I sometimes wait a few weeks and catch it down on Melrose Ave. So when I went just a few days ago to see “Brave,” several things struck me even before the movie started.

  • Concert Movies Can Rack Up a Lot of Mulah

For starters, Katy Perry has her own movie. I’m all for concert films and getting to know the struggles of an uber-rich pop sensation, but Katy Perry? Couldn’t she just have made a behind-the-scenes DVD to accompany her cds? Well, Bieber did it and made Paramount a lot of money, so the company figures they can do it for pop stars on a yearly basis? Please, no. Stop this. I’m begging you.

  • There Are Droves of Animated Sequels Coming Soon-ish

Monster’s Inc, Ice Age, and Despicable Me. And 2 of those are coming out in 2013. Of course, they’re preparing us for much later. They have to get kids excited early right? I kind of just wish we could see more fresh ideas like Brave more often.

  • 3D Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

So very few movies need to be 3D. There’s a point to seeing a movie this way, but since Hollywood is a business they see this as a trend–and we all know that trends means dollar signs. So, to hell with action or animated (or dare I say it, horror) films being shown normally. Abraham Lincoln as our vampire hunter needs to be seen in all its glory, because 2D isn’t enough to get your story across, right? WRONG, Hollywood. Oh, so wrong.

  • Shorts Prior to Features Can Help Expand this Niche

Before they showed Brave, a sweet short came on. It was foreign, simple, and gracious. And it got me thinking… why don’t we do this more often? Imagine watching Saw’s original short prior to the first film of the series. Wouldn’t it be cool? Though, come to think of it, that might have spoiled things for us. In any case, I do think screening such simpler storytelling could give the art of short filmmaking more exposure.

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