My Response to Eva Longoria

As I’ve mentioned in already about three of my previous posts, I’m completely against Marc Cherry’s new series pilot Devious Maids. I was ecstatic and proud to see that ABC was passing on the show. But imagine my surprise when I saw on Twitter that Lifetime picked up the show.

Dreams of a better tomorrow shattered.

People have tried to petition the show to no avail. Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria are in full swing of things, and it will air in the fall, regardless of what everyone else thinks. Longoria spoke out against protestors of the show. Her argument is twofold. First, she states, it’s great to have four leading characters as minorities (in gender and race). Second, it’s putting down those that work in the business of maids because their story needs to be told too. They’d be considered as second-class if we don’t tell their stories.

Two things, poor, sweet, naïve Longoria. 2 things.

First, while having four Latinas as leading characters is laudable, you’re forgetting that you’re putting these characters in submissive roles by class. The show revolves around the complexities of class distinctions, so why not have them in the more powerful position as opposed to the minority, especially since they’ve already been portrayed in these roles countless of times? Talk to me when you have four Latin ladies who hold powerful positions in a corporate world or four Hispanic women who hold management positions. And let’s not forget that the whole plot of the story is that the maids are involved in a murder, putting them in a subservient role as well.

Second, absolutely, Longoria, you’re right. Refusing to tell the maids’ stories is overlooking the fact that there are maids who enjoy their job and are just as important as other people. BUT you’re reemphasizing the cultural stereotype. If it were reversed, and “Desperate Housewives” had a lead Hispanic cast and “Devious Maids” had it mixed, then your efforts would have been commendable. Otherwise, putting the first television series of leading Latinas with a title like “Devious Maids,” well, you’re not helping the cause.


Just saying, Longoria. Just saying…


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One thought on “My Response to Eva Longoria

  1. Mike M. says:

    I think that you are overlooking the fact that most of latinos in the U.S. are working as “help”, so it would be completely unrealistic to present powerful latinos and overlook the fact that most of them suffer from discrimination and agressions everyday.
    Besides the show will reflect how this ladies from the the help they can change their situation in to a better life, just as in real life most of the latinos started as the help and now they are living great!.
    Besides the original concept was based on a mexican tv show and in that show the leading ladies were also maids.


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