PTA is The Master

Excuse me while pick my jaw off the floor. Wow. Some how I get even more excited every time Paul Thomas Anderson releases a new picture or trailer. The cinematography looks absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t believe how beautiful some of the shots in this trailer are. I guess that’s what happens when you shoot 65mm film. I really wish this was the future, not the gimmick also known as 3d. The acting looks amazing. Phoenix really seems to bringing his A-game, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman seems like he’s going to bring a huge slice of humanity to his L. Ron Hubbard-esque character. Also, I definitely get the vibe the film deals with PSTD after war just as much as the Scientology stuff. I think this is a great decision. I can not wait to see this film, even if it makes me feel like an inadequate filmmaker.

Here is the new poster for the film. It’s very similar to a win bottle. I have feeling alcohol is going to play a big part in this film.

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