The Colorado Tragedy

What happened in Colorado on Friday morning was an absolute tragedy. I was riding the bus to work Friday morning, oblivious. As I began scrolling through twitter I began to feel numb. It broke my heart to think about the families that lost some one they loved. As the media quickly transitioned from mourning victims to revealing details and trying to find a reason for the acts of this 24-year-old man I couldn’t help but think about the other tragic shooting in Colorado. Dave Cullen, the author of the tragic but must read Columbine, spent 10 years trying to figure out why Eric and Dylan did what they did, and after all that time he didn’t have an answer. 

This shooter is still alive, so maybe someday he’ll give a reason, but it’ll never fill the void left in our hearts. The country will have an intense debate about gun control laws, but this important discussion will quickly disappear like it always does. Security in movie theaters will probably drastically change in the same way it has in schools and airports. Kurt Vonnegut once said, “There’s nothing intelligent to say about a massacre.” And that’s exactly how I feel. My mind is full of thoughts but I feel incapable of organizing them in an intelligent manner. Instead, myself and others should spend our energy mourning the victims of this tragedy and remembering their lives.

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