Wuthering Heights Poster

One of my most anticipated films of the year is Wuthering Heights by Andrea Arnold. I don’t know very much about the story but I know I love Andrea Arnold. She directed the brilliant film, Fish Tank. Which was about a young teenage girl trying to  become a dancer while falling for her mother’s boyfriend (who happens to be the brilliant Michael Fassbender). She makes raw and emotionally devastating films about working class individuals. She’s definitely a huge inspiration for me as a filmmaker. A new poster for Wuthering Heights was been released. It’s simple but beautiful. The film begins it’s limited release on October 5th and I’m still kicking myself for missing it at the Boston Independent Film Festival a couple months back. After the jump you can see the great poster and Andrea Arnold’s short film Wasp. 

Poster for Wuthering Heights

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One thought on “Wuthering Heights Poster

  1. Looks interesting. I hope this does justice to the novel. In fact, I do a series where I compare novels and their film adaptations. Can you tell me what you think? Thanks 🙂 http://randomfilmbuff.com/category/book-vs-film/


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