Queue It Up (DVD/Streaming Options 7/27/12)


I wanna love Paul Rudd, especially after his recurring guest role on Parks and Recreation as the hilarious frat-boy turned politician, Bobby Newport. That may or may not be reason enough to watch another Jennifer Aniston vehicle. Now on Netflix.


Kristen Wigg, Jon Hamm, AND Maya Rudolph? I’m in. The film’s is the brainchild of  Jennifer Westfeldt, one of the few female production trifecta’s of our time (writer/director/actress). She’s supposedly similar to Julie Delpy. Who knows? Plus  there’s Adam Scott, another Parks and Rec cast member. Available on dvd and streaming.


You can check out my review here, but I recommend you see it to believe it. It’s Will Ferrell speaking Spanish. For real. Available on DVD and streaming.


Sean shared the news of this film’s release here and I’ve been meaning to see it since. It’s been a pretty arduous journey, but the film’s finally come to light. Let’s see if Sookie and The Hulk (aka Anna Paquin and Mark Ruffalo) can score some points in their indie film street cred. Available on Amazon, iTunes, DVD and Blockbuster.


Well, now they can’t all be small indies. I’ve definitely noticed how Hollywood treats their aging megastars. Articles have been written about women, like Cameron, Kate, Halle, J-Lo going from romcom leading lady to motherhood and midlife woes. For the fellas, it seems that if you pair them with a slightly younger sidekick, the audiences will still remain faithful. Denzel’s two for two now (previously with UNSTOPPABLE where his younger buddy was Chris Pine and now SAFE HOUSE with Ryan Reynolds). Available on DVD and streaming.

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2 thoughts on “Queue It Up (DVD/Streaming Options 7/27/12)

  1. Sean Temple says:

    I actually haven’t seen Margaret yet. Haven’t had a free 3 hour block, and the time I did I wasted it on The Dark Knight Rises.


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