Promos, Promos, Promos! – CBS

It’s that time of year again, where TV networks repeatedly run promos of pilot shows for their fall lineup. Which shows will survive the pitfalls of ratings, and which will remain in Netflix’s future Watch Instantly queue?

A few weeks ago I listed CBS’ pilot shows for the 2012-13 season, and I gave my opinion (completely and utterly biased, of course) of each show based on the premise and the people associated with the projects. Well, now the promos are out, so it’s time to form even more unwarranted opinions based on the edited teasers. These promos are meant to lure and entice audiences into watching at least the first episode–for ratings, no doubt. Networks compete to get their ratings up, especially for the pilot episodes (hence so many repeated ads for your viewing pleasure). Just wait until the promos for the second episode for some shows (“The highest rated show on television!” they’ll preface before showing scenes from the next episode or even blurbs from national magazines and newspapers stating how much they loved the pilot). Oy vey!

Which ones do you think will stay for the long haul?

Meet the new Jowsey Girl


Partners – Architects (and lifelong friends) Charlie and Louis form a new partnership

Mondays, 8:30 PM (after “How I Met Your Mother” & before “2 Broke Girls”)

Vegas – Ex-cowboy Ralph Lamb becomes a sheriff in 1960s Las Vegas

Tuesdays, 10 PM (after “NCIS: Los Angeles”)

Elementary – A modern take on the Sherlock Holmes mysteries

Thursdays, 10PM (after “Person of Interest”)

Made in Jersey – A lawyer uses her street smarts to have a competitive edge against her colleagues

Fridays, 9PM (after “CSI: New York” & before “Blue Bloods”)

Will CBS pump up their ratings in prime viewers (18-49) enough to reclaim their number 1 spot from FOX next fall? (They fell to 2nd place by the end of May – 2.9 to Fox’s 3.2 in the Nielson ratings). Will they remain on top in overall viewership by next May with these new shows?

Which pilots will you be catching? Personally, I’m intrigued by the modernization of Sherlock Holmes. I’m a big crime buff, so “Elementary” is right up my alley. Plus, Manny Perez on TV again? Count me in! (Here’s to hoping he won’t be in just one episode…) “Partners,” also, looks better than I expected. It depicts the relationship between the creators of the show (who also created “Will & Grace”), which is intriguing.
As for the other two shows that were picked up (“Golden Boy” and “Friend Me”), they’ve both been pushed to mid-season.

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