Unchained at Telluride 2012 (8/14/12)

I’m now in Week 3 of the Dog Program here at Telluride. Time is flying by and everyday is a new adventure in putting all of the  many festival pieces together. Last week, I got to hand out official posters to businesses in the community. Telluride’s population is 2,300 so people are very much aware of this annual event. It still felt pretty cool to get recognized as a Dog by the local coffee shop barista. If you didn’t see it HERE last week, definitely check out the time-lapse of a festival venue called The Galaxy Theater. It’s been dubbed “the most beautiful theater ever seen” by Nicolas Cage, a past festival tribute honoree. We are moving a bit slower than in the clip, but I would say that hoisting up the gigantic projection screen on the school gym wall was one of the highlights of my stay so far.

Everyday I’m reminded just how much manpower is required to pull off such an event. Sometimes the work is backbreaking or menial, but that idea of the greater goal is always at the forefront of my mind. Each returning staff member I meet has nothing but great things to say about their time with the festival. I truly think this will be a milestone I won’t forget. Also the family dinners and meteor shower gazing aren’t

Of course, one of the biggest topics up for discussion on the job site is: what will play at this year’s fest? I’ve looked online at past programs and was able to see a few patterns. The films screened at Telluride are North American premieres and often come from directors who have a prior relationship with the festival. Hmm, should we start a guessing game? What (and who) do you think will come to Telluride?

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