The Anticipation is Killing Me

Did you know I’m dying to see The Master? Well, if I haven’t made it obvious by now, let me hammer it home. For those who don’t know, Paul Thomas Anderson has marketed this film in a very interesting way. To date, he has released three teasers he cut himself. Each concentrates on a small aspect of the film. They’re a revelation, especially when you compare them to a typical Hollywood trailer (which sometimes give away a films entire plot). The Weinstein’s have released an official full length trailer, which is still beautiful. The film’s release date was bumped up an entire month to September 14th in NY and LA, and the film is going to Venice and Toronto.

Paul Thomas Anderson desperately wants you to see his film in 70mm and has been working with theaters around the country to try and make this happen. I’ve heard the Weinstein’s don’t really care and haven’t been very helpful is this regard. After all, they’re in it for the Oscars. In response, PTA has had two surprise screenings at theaters that can project 70mm. I don’t think there are many directors that have the clout to screen their films whenever they want, but he’s one of them.

Last night The Master screened in Chicago. Thankfully, Indiewire put together some reactions. At worst, it sounds like the story isn’t exactly accessible, but the film is visually amazing and full of great performances. At best, it could be PTA’s best film to date. Luckily, The Coolidge Theater in Boston in one of the few theaters in the country capable of projecting 70mm. Hopefully they’ll get a sneak peak the film too. You hear that PTA? Bring The Master to Boston! I’ll be the first in line. I can’t wait to see this. Here are the reactions Indiewire put together, and after that is piece of music Johnny Greenwood wrote for this film. It sounds amazing.

@Eisentower30: “‘The Master’ in 70mm was so gorgeous my eyes nearly exploded. And it is ripe with flawless acting. Also reminded me a lot of ‘The Godfather.'”

@cigsandredvines: “Wow. #themaster70mm”

@joshbrunsting: “‘The Master’ is a beautifully crafted meditation on salvation, love, and art. It’s a tad sloppy, but its beyond inspired.”

@JustinAGerber: “As of this moment, ‘The Master’ is the best movie of 2012. NOTE: ‘The Expendables 2’ comes out tomorrow.#musicbox #pta #themaster #expendables”

@PoorChoicesHost: “‘The Master’ was beautiful. Amazing to look at. Anytime Hoffman and Phoenix are together the movie is phenomenal.”

@XanAranda: “Never realize how hungry your eyes are til you see something beauuuutifully shot & projected on film. #TheMaster @musicboxtheatre”

@Music_Defined: “Walking home to digest ‘The Master.’ Gorgeous piece of film. PTA may have cemented spot as the best of his generation #battleoftheandersons”

@WineAndPop: “I know that ‘The Master’ was about physical vs. spiritual, but beyond that, I’ve got nothing.”

@PatrickRipoli: “When you guys buy tickets to ‘The Master’ next month, go ahead and buy 2. Like ‘There Will Be Blood,’ a second viewing will be mandatory.”

@AndrewRostan: “Hoffman. Phoenix. Adams. Anderson. ALL at their absolute best. Do not ask me about the film. NEEDS thought and 2nd viewing. #TheMaster”

@MarkSchoeck: “‘The Master’ was beautiful. What a wonderful experience in 70mm. No one does it better than PTA.”

@instantjim: “‘The Master’ is not at all like PTA’s other films. It’s a bit of an enigma with detachment & intensity that I need to ‘process’ over time.”

@phil_jackson: “‘The Master’ was good. Great performances. Lots to think over. 70mm looked amazing such detail yet softness. Felt like IMAX but small screen.”

@DSalazar2013: ‘The Master’ is profound and captivating, a real game-changer, and possibly Paul Thomas Anderson’s best film to date.”

@GabrielleAdelle: “The acting and direction in ‘The Master’ are impeccable. No doubt about that. The story? Still wrapping my head around it.”

@jongraef: “Basically, ‘The Master’ is ‘Amnesiac’ to ‘There Will Be Blood”s ‘Kid A.'”

@scott_tobias: “See ‘The Master’ in 70mm and then talk about digital as ‘progress.’ Yeah, didn’t think so.”

@andthankyou: “I can’t even express to you how amazing the 70mm picture was in ‘The Master.'”

@thekingbulletin: “‘The Master’ (A-) Addicting, aimless chaos, emoted with deranged precision by Phoenix. Electrifying cinema, aggressively cryptic storytelling.”

@Brian_Tallerico: “#TheMaster70mm should make all those who led the charge for digital filmmaking weep in shame.”

@berndandooling: “‘The Master’ at @musicboxtheatre is gorgeous. JP’s frayed edges are an elegant counterpoint to PSH’s perfectly pitched bombast.”

@timhorsburgh: “If you know what is going on the head of any of the characters in ‘The Master,’ then you are a better Thetan than I.”

@11tiethDoctor: “Just saw ‘The Master’… Not great entertainment, but possibly informative? Not quite sure what to say about it. Have to sleep on it maybe…”

@TheLinusLee: “Characters in ‘The Master’ way more satisfied than the audience. Looked great though. Well-acted. Didn’t care much though.”

@DrNeptune: “‘The Master’ is one awesome, crazy mess of a movie. Can’t wait for a second viewing!”

@lawonthedraw: I’m not at a level capable of reviewing what I just saw, but I know it was absolutely gorgeous in 70mm. #TheMaster @musicboxtheatre”

@KoalaInChicago: “I don’t know what to say about ‘The Master’ at this point other than it is pretty, and the acting is superb.”

@zoischicago: “Going to need some time to mull over ‘The Master.’ I will say 70mm is gorgeous.”

@raypride: “#TheMaster70mm demonstrates a deep concern for its historical inspiration: readers of certain lore of personality may be amazed.”

@CaponeAicn: “Not a bit surprised that the immediate reaction to ‘The Master’ is ‘I need to process it.’ I’ll take my first crack at a review in the morning.”

@Handles_Messiah: “So ‘The Master’ is pretty good.”

@kibblesmith: “Saw ‘The Master’ in 70mm at @MusicBoxTheatre. See ‘The Master’ in 70mm at @MusicBoxTheatre.”

@bobznc: “A story about free will and discovering the constraints that hold us back. Wonderful. #TheMaster #ThanksMusicBox”

@TheMentalDefect: “If you need me, I’ll be at sea mulling over ‘The Master’ for the rest of the year.”

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