Homeland is Returning

I love Homeland (want more reasons why? Click here) , but I never expected to. When I initially saw the marketing for the show last year I thought, “Oh great, another example of the media giving us even more reasons to be scared of terrorists. Another black and white show of good vs. evil.” Instead, I watched a show filled with shades of gray. That actively critiques the methods the government uses to find information, and even gave reasons terrorists believe the things they do. Wow. I have never seen a show do anything like that before. The show actually reminds me of Paul Greengrass’s Bourne films.

Homeland is a tense, tight thriller. There isn’t the pure adrenaline filled physicality that Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon mastered, but there is the intellectually engaging and more importantly, emotionally engaging show. I cared about all the characters in this show, and watching Carrie’s life fall apart was emotionally devastating. Also, like Parks and Recreation, the lead character is a strong, independent woman. This is incredibly rare, and the writers deserve a ton of credit for creating such an amazing character. But the show had all of this from the very beginning. The question was, “Will the show be able to stick the landing?” The answer is yes. The second half of Homeland was brilliant television. And the finale was amazing. This was by far the best new show and television, and if it wasn’t for Breaking Bad, the best drama on television.

So now what? Will the show keep up it up? Well, based on this trailer… I have to say yes. This season of Homeland looks spectacular.

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