Indispensable Women


“Honestly, if Hollywood could wrap its collective brain around the fact that women want to see and talk about movies just as much as men do, then more jobs for women in film would follow.”

-Melissa Silverstein

After reading this awesome article by New York Times Opinion writer Melissa Silverstein I couldn’t help but feel inspired. Not only should there be more females working behind the cameras, but there should also be more movies about AND for us. Male-oriented action films dominate the box office annually, and like Silverstein, this baffles me. If just as many women go to the theatres as men, then why aren’t there more female-oriented action films in theatres? (Well, we all know the answer to that. But I’ll leave my disdain for Hollywood bigotry for another post.)

Not a fan of using statistics to illustrate a point. I thought I’d use this for generality’s sake…

In keeping with the action genre, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a movie like The Expendables with female leads? And what if it were headed by women filmmakers? Wouldn’t it be nice to see women saving men in distress for a change? But alas, this is what we get.

Stallone. Statham. Li. Lundgren. And Steven Austin. One word: badass. In truth, the idea to put these bad boys together in one flashy film is pretty solid. I grew up watching these guys, and of course I was excited to see them all. Did the film actually work, though? Not really. It was entertaining, but that’s where it draws the line. My expectations were low and the movie met them. It survived on cheap action thrills to mull over the overdone storyline and flat dialogue. Several critics complained that there was hardly any action. Others critiqued the film for having too many unnecessary action sequences and not enough plot development (in a sense, both true). I can only assume that the idea behind The Expendables Part Deux will be to up the ante. Action, action, action, and more action.

It doesn’t look any better than the first, but at least they’ve added to their all-star cast. Nothing like seeing Chuck Norris on the big screen. I could just see the Tumblr memes dedicated to more Chuck Norris jokes.


But how much cooler would it be if it were all females leading that cast? I’m thinking Linda Hamilton, Lucy Lawless, Angelina Jolie, Pam Grier, Michelle Yeoh, and Michelle Rodriguez. But the options are many: Lucy Liu, Milla Jovovich, Lynda Carter, Uma Thurman, to name a few.

Variety reports that this idea is already in the works. Would it come off as corny as Stallone’s take? Hopefully not. But we’ll just have to wait and see what the female counterparts in the industry come up with, that is unless the suits (Yes, I’ve confined all Hollywood execs to a simple phrase: suits. Can’t you just picture these older gentlemen sitting behind their desks scheming?) choose to take ownership of the script rights and put their own spin to it. And in all honesty, they probably will.

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2 thoughts on “Indispensable Women

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