Unchained at Telluride 2012 (8/21/12)

They say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone and I couldn’t agree more since becoming a Dog. Each day on the production sites, I’m constantly surprised at what can be accomplished if I just push myself. Between the “lift with your legs not your back” heavy lifting, assisting on electrical wiring, and learning to ride a bike in a span of a week in order to be a runner between festival venues– this is definitely not a repetitive cubicle job. On most days “my office” is a breathtaking view of mountains. My coworkers and supervisors are some of the most are eclectic and multi-talented folks I’ve ever met. As someone just starting out, I truly feel this is one of the best places I can learn my trade.


“When you’re doing the work that you were meant to do, it feels right & everyday is a bonus regardless of what you’re getting paid.” — Oprah

It’s T-minus 2 weeks and everything related to film fest prep has kicked into overdrive. Still even with the deadline of the festival looming over all of us, I find myself often answering the same question: when is the festival? Sometimes it feels like it will never get here. That’s what makes this experience so distinct from my other film festival jobs. Most volunteers will come in a day or two before the event, rush through training and dropped into the chaos. Being a Dog at Telluride so far has given me the opportunity to see the whole picture (glamorous and menial). It’s actually a very reasonable inquiry since Telluride has a had a different festival every weekend since we arrived. From jazz, chamber music and yes, even mushroom, the film festival is just another way that the town kicks up its heels. Yesterday the Pro Champion bike race concluded right on Main Street. We were fortunate enough to catch some of the final bikers passing through after the work day. The town was abuzz for the race and I can’t wait to see the even bigger crowds for the film festival.


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2 thoughts on “Unchained at Telluride 2012 (8/21/12)

  1. oscar,chambers says:

    Today, Sunday August 26, 2012, is National DOG Day! woof! woof!! woof!!! to the dogs behind the Telluride Film Festival. ….goood girl … stay …. sit ….^o^


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