Unchained at Telluride 2012 (8/28/12)

My first official festival staff badge!


I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas. The festival is this Friday, folks! Actually, if I had to describe the overall feeling on the production sites, I’d have to compare us more to Santa’s workshop as more and more staff are arriving everyday. Yesterday felt like a huge milestone. Each of us received our festival staff badges at the morning meeting. It was a little surreal to hold tangible proof of my accomplishments thus far. With already two major self-funded volunteer positions under my belt, this current paid staff position (with housing) at Telluride just leaves me only more motivated to continue forward in my career goals.


In my very few moments of down time, I’ve tried to job hunt in preparation for next month and it’s pretty frustrating. There are so many festival and film support organizations that do amazing things but are only seeking seasoned staffers. Yet another reason to be grateful to be working as a Dog. One lesson I’ve learned since graduating is that luck and even success is that you have to make your own opportunities. If you’re vocal enough about your passions, whether while working as a volunteer or entry-level position, the gatekeepers listen. I’ve never been a firm believer that “the industry folks” are conspiring against my success. Heck, I might not have been here at Telluride if I hadn’t been gushing to an associate at Sundance about my love of festivals. Don’t keep your dreams a secret, friends.

For the festival, I will be stationed at the Brigadoon. It’s sort of the festival headquarters, housing the merchandise, press tent, sponsors and information desk. I’m happy to be working here. It feels like it will be similar to my position at the Sundance HQ. It seems like it will be a busy place, which is always fun.

Since I’ve been sworn to secrecy regarding discussing any details about the film programs for the festival, I will just direct curious minds to the festival website HERE. Let the countdown begin!

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2 thoughts on “Unchained at Telluride 2012 (8/28/12)

  1. revjonflores says:

    Time to give your recap of your dog days of Telluride! 🙂


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