Today’s Lesson: Everything’s Been Done Before

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So, this post is coming together much later than I’d wanted, and is going to be much shorter than I’d planned, for one simple reason: the two previous posts I’d started writing were already done here on Indies Unchained.

First, I’ve recently started reading Fahrenheit 451 for the first time (hey, it was never on our reading list high school), and I wanted to tie the unsettling future of a world gone so PC that books and all thought-provoking media were destroyed into the need for shocking films like the just-released Compliance. But then I found out there had already been a post about the startling film based on the real abuse of a McDonald’s employee because of a phone call by someone posing as a police officer.

OK. As a person who likes to imagine herself blazing new trails and not inviting comparisons, I shelved that post and started on something else. I’ve gotten really interested in documentaries recently. As a filmmaker and film lover, there’s honestly no documentary I can think of that would appeal to me more than the Keanu Reeves produced film-vs.-digital debate Side by Side, the filmmaking equivalent to the ouroboros. But then there was this.

Today, I could not catch a break. Then again, we all need to be confronted with that truth on occasion. Books and books have been written about the existence of only seven basic plots. South Park pointed out that The Simpsons already did it. Hell, even Shakespeare took many of his stories either from older tales or history.

Tragical is a word not used nearly enough.

So, chill out, stubborn side of me! Just because you feel someone has said it before, doesn’t mean you  can’t add your own spin to it. A new perspective. Also, don’t be so loud when I’m in public. People may think I’m crazy if I keep talking to myself.

Look for my thoughts on Compliance and Side by Side in the coming weeks. And feel free to share any times you’ve had a flash of enlightenment only to realize someone else had it before you in the comments below.

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