Pilot Season: Watch Newest Fall Shows on Hulu First

It’s that time of year again. Network TV is shining now that manbuster movie season is officially over. A new trend I’ve noticed is that networks are posting pilot episodes of premiere show only weeks before their primetime airdate. Back in January during the winter premieres, I watched “The B—- in Apartment 23” online through Hulu. I’m loyal to the circle of shows already close to my heart, but I admit the pilot was pretty funny. Watching it ahead of the premiere saved me some time spent in front of a real TV.

For those looking for new sitcom loves for the fall, check out Hulu.com. You can watch pilots for:

Cable TV’s been doing the same, but to a certain degree. Channels I don’t subscribe to, like HBO, are posting pilots online for free in a TV version of day-and-date release. I felt like one of the cool kids because I got to watch “Veep” and “GIRLS” just a day after everyone else.

But still, watching shows before they actually air on TV? Where’s the thrill? I think the networks are definitely pulling out all the stops to make sure we remember to tune into their lineups this fall. A good friend mentioned that this could be a strategy for creating word of mouth buzz. I admit that I only watched “The Mindy Project” early because my friend recommended after she watched the pilot online herself. Maybe they’re onto something…who knows?

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